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Hungarian Real Time Invoice Reporting solutions and advisory

Our digital services experts provide digital, automated solutions to support companies' tax reporting obligations, based on our corporate experiences. Hungary plans to introduce real-time invoice reporting obligation from 1 July 2018. Our digital experts can support companies fulfiling this reporting obligation with digital solutions in compliance with Hungarian regulation.

Any Hungarian VAT registered entity that issues invoices with a VAT amount above HUF 100,000 (approx. EUR 320) to another entity VAT registered in Hungary will be required to report these invoices “without delay to the Hungarian Tax Authority (HU TA). This includes businesses established outside Hungary but registered for VAT in Hungary.  If the company uses a billing software(s),or ERP the obligation to send data without delay is set when the invoice is closed. Reporting of the invoice issued for domestic taxpayers with a VAT amount above HUF 100,00 must be done automatically over the Internet, without human intervention at the point of the closure of the invoice from 1st of July 2018.Failure to report the invoices in real time mode may attract an administrative penalty of up to HUF 500,000 (EUR 1700) / invoice. 

Companies need to ensure the proper technical solution for the automated invoice data reporting.

Why choose RSM real time invoice reporting advisory?
Handling and reporting the content of invoices means confidential information that requires proper technical and security backgrounds. A cloud-based or local solution can also be used to ensure that outbound invoice data is securely forwarded from one or more billing software. The solution of RSM Hungary Digital team combines technology, tax and VAT expertise and experiences. As a result, it is able to audit the technical and regulatory parameters for the billing process submission process, to provide a tailor-made solution and to execute the implementation in compliance with the local regulation.

The international network of the RSM, covering over 120 countries globally, provides a solid background for our partners for a reliable solution and the experiences of existing foreign solutions.

How will RSM help your real-time invoice reporting?

  • Audit of the corporate invoicing process and invoices issued, checking compliance with the regulatory requirements, and specifying the necessary corrections
  • Execution of NAV registration and data sending testing required for online invoicing
  • Customizing the invoice data process by implementing the RSM ConnecTAX solution integrated with the billing software/ERP
  • We can provide  SAP add-on for Hungarian Real-time invoice reporting, developed by our registered SAP partner, SNI   
  • Continuous monitoring of invoicing data reporting, monitoring legal changes and implementation of the necessary changes 

In order to fulfil your real-time invoice reporting obligation contact our experts or please find below a brief description of the operation of our RSM ConnecTAX tool, and SAP add-on turn-key solution.  

ConnecTAX - offer request 

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Director, Tax services


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