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Real-time Invoice Reporting XML Consulting

Our " Real-time Invoice Reporting XML Consulting” offers valuable assistance to businesses seeking an effective solution for the XML-based generation and submission of their real-time invoice data reporting, in compliance with tax authority regulations.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


In recent years, real-time invoice reporting has become an essential requirement for businesses. This mandate has brought about significant shifts in invoicing and tax practices. It necessitates companies to communicate invoice data in XML format directly to tax authorities without human intervention. Our service is tailored for businesses looking for an efficient method to meet these online invoice data submission obligations.

Our digital VAT and XML consulting service helps with the following: 

  • mapping each field of the ERP/invoicing system to the suitable XML component,
  • clarifying the complex, generalised and schematic definitions provided by the Hungarian Tax Authority and applying them to the invoicing practices of the company in question.
  • validating the created XML files using the XSD prescribed by the Hungarian Tax Authority.
  • verifying the created XML files directly in the online invoice system of the Hungarian Tax Authority directly.
  • allowing the creation of XML documents that comply with the requirements of both the VAT Act and the XSD even in special, exotic cases (transactions).

Components of our Real-time Invoice Reporting XML Consulting Service:

XML File Creation for NAV Submission:

  • Automated generation of invoice data in XML format for NAV system integration.
  • Our tax and IT experts provide guidance in the accurate formation of invoice data formats.
  • Aligning mandatory invoice content from VAT laws and other regulations with the XML file to be submitted.
  • Mapping of ERP/invoicing system fields to XML elements (data mapping).
  • Translation of NAV schema definitions to fit the company’s invoicing practices.
  • Validation of XML files based on the XSD, checking via test platforms, and crafting XML documents in unique cases, ensuring compliance with VAT laws and the RTIR XSD.

Consultancy on NAV (Hungarian Tax Authority) Specification and Invoice Data Reporting:

  • Advisory services regarding invoice content and examination of invoicing practices. Comprehensive online invoice data reporting consultation.
  • Interpretation of NAV online invoice registration and NAV messages.

Connectax Invoice Reporter:

  • A cloud-based platform ensuring secure invoice data submission, adhering to the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standard.

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Who should consider our Online Invoice XML Consulting Service?

  • Operators, developers, and decision-makers of invoicing systems and ERP software.
  • Financial and accounting professionals overseeing data reporting.

Why Choose Our Online Invoice XML Consulting Service?

  •  Bridging IT and tax expertise – guaranteeing XML files are compliant from both IT and tax perspectives. Extensive experience in digital tax technology.
  •  holistic solution: From XML file generation to validation and submission.
  • The Connectax platform offers technology adhering to stringent security standards.
  • Access to the RSM international network ensures the availability of global solutions and insights.
  • The Digitax team is dedicated to digital tax consulting, ensuring clients are always updated on changes in taxation and IT.
  •  Continuous liaison with the Tax Authority, swift updates on changes, especially concerning the NAV online invoice reporting obligation introduced from July 1, 2018.


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