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Digital VAT and XML consulting - for real-time invoice reporting

Our digital VAT and XML consultants provide efficient guidance to comply with the NAV online real-time invoice reporting obligation, the automatic generation of invoice data in the correct XML format.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


During generating of the XML file, we have to answer the following questions with respect to the company in question, in accordance with the applicable regulations:

  • exactly what data needs to be reported to the Hungarian Tax Authority (HU TA), 
  • what should the XML file sent contain, 
  • how are the contents of the invoice required by the VAT Act and other legislation related to the contents of the XML file to be reported to the Hungarian Tax Authority.

Our digital VAT and XML consulting service helps with the following: 

  • mapping each field of the ERP/invoicing system to the suitable XML component,
  • clarifying the complex, generalised and schematic definitions provided by the Hungarian Tax Authority and applying them to the invoicing practices of the company in question.
  • validating the created XML files using the XSD prescribed by the Hungarian Tax Authority.
  • verifying the created XML files directly in the online invoice system of the Hungarian Tax Authority directly.
  • allowing the creation of XML documents that comply with the requirements of both the VAT Act and the XSD even in special, exotic cases (transactions).

Components of our digital VAT and XML consulting service:

  • consulting regarding the structure and contents of the XML file required for the data reporting obligation; creation of XML templates
  • consulting regarding the contents of the invoice, review/screening of invoicing practices
  • consulting regarding the legal requirements of the online invoice data reporting and the expectations of Hungarian Tax Authority 
  • interpretation of the legal matters related to Hungarian Tax Authority specifications concerning the contents of the invoice and the data reporting obligation; related consulting
  • registration on the online invoice platform of the Hungarian Tax Authority; cooperation and consulting during this process
  • cooperation and consulting during the interpretation of Hungarian Tax Authority messages

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What tools do we use?

  • XML validator
  • XSD visualisation
  • XML file templates optimised for specific business types
  • XML file templates optimised for minimal data content
  • Custom orders for the creation of XML file templates
  • Sending   XML files validated with the test interface of  Connectax to the Hungarian Tax Authority.

Who do we recommend XML and VAT consultancy for?

  • Operators and users of invoicing systems / ERP software
  • Developers of invoicing systems / ERP software
  • Coordination personnel and supervisors of the development of invoicing systems / ERP software

Why should you choose our digital VAT and XML consulting service?

Preparation for the real-time invoice reporting requires both IT and fiscal knowledge simultaneously. It is necessary to understand the whole process when creating invoices, converting invoice data into the correct XML format and also at the verification and reporting stages.

The experience of developing our Connectax Invoice Reporter solution for invoice data reporting demonstrated that neither IT nor fiscal consulting knowledge is sufficient in itself in order to comply with the regulations. However, with a suitable efficient consulting background, after the necessary adjustments, companies will be able to properly fulfil the invoice reporting obligation to HU TA and reduce their tax risks as well. 


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