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RSM Family and Wealth

We developed our complex wealth planning service for the family-owned business, business groups, and their private person owners and their heirs. Our Private Client Services expert team can offer comprehensive and future-proof solutions to any questions arising in the context of family and business. 

Our legal, tax and transaction experts have decades of experience in the development of domestic and international company structures and in the area of tax, finance, legal and due diligence tasks relating to sales and acquisitions of companies. We also offer a comprehensive advisory service to our partners in the fields of real estate wealth, the wealth planning and inheritance of private persons, family wealth and the division of marital joint property. 

We work with the owners of family businesses in Hungary and worldwide
RSM Hungary is one of the founding members of the Association of Responsible Family Businesses Network in Hungary. FBN-H members belong to the most significant Hungarian family-owned businesses. RSM Hungary is a member of the global advisory network of RSM, a powerful network of audit, tax and consulting experts with offices in 120 countries. Our employees work with the owners and managers of family businesses and wealthy individuals in Hungary and worldwide.

Our team of tax, finance, legal, accounting, and transaction experts has the knowledge and personal experience necessary to efficiently plan the system and management of your investments and assets, the transfer, inheritance, and protection of your wealth or, as the case may be, the sale or outsourcing of your family assets. 

Our services for family businesses and their owners:

Wealth protection of family businesses

Family business asset planning, generation change

Family wealth planning in the case of passive asset

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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

Bálint Szűcs, partner, lawyer, tax advisor

Bálint Szűcs

Partner, Tax Expert, Attorney-at-law

Levente Almási, Partner, Head of M&A and Valuation services

Levente Almási

Head of M&A, Valuation and Corporate Finance

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