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Digital tax solutions - Connectax

    RSM  digital tax team comprises VAT, tax and  IT  experts, focusing on automated tax-solutions to support companies in the preparation of tax returns and the fulfillment of their tax compliance issues and NAV invoice data reporting obligations.  With our online tax and finance administration support solutions, we provide services for our partners compliant with the current regulatory framework and the actual expectations of Hungarian and international enterprises.

       our cloud-based platform provides tax reporting and audit modules, that are designed to meet the following requirements:

    • Connectax solutions and software modules are easily and quickly connectable to our partners' current ERP, accounting and invoicing systems.
    • Connectax is able to efficiently process data of a few to tens of thousands of invoices monthly whether we are talking about invoice data reporting or the subsequent, mass checking of data.
    • Our platform works and communicates efficiently with a wide range of ERP systems of our partners.
    • Data of multiple companies of a group can be managed continuously with the help of this single tool.
    • Connectax platform ensures automated monitoring of and adjustment to changes in the regulatory environment.

    Our digitax solutions could provide a compliant service to our partners regarding their tax and financial administration issues.  Connectax meets the real requirements of domestic and international companies, in line with current regulatory frameworks. 

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