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Take full advantage of the Hungarian e-invoicing system with Connectax Platform!

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


Here is the new era of e-invoicing in Hungary! 

Did you know that NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary, NTCA) Online Invoice 3.0 is not only suitable for real-time invoice reporting (RTIR),but also for e-invoice issuance?

Take advantage of e-invoicing!

  • Less administration.
  • No print and postage costs.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Real-time, automatic, contactless solution. 
  • Work faster with the easy-to-download and import-friendly NAV XML 3.0 invoice data structure!

Say goodbye to paper invoices!

Take full advantage of NAV e-invoicing with the Connectax digital taxation system! Start your digital transformation with our cloud-based platform only within a few days!

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NAV e-invoice from the Issuer’s site

What should you do to make your data report suitable for e-invoicing as an invoice issuer?

  • Make your billing program suitable!
  • Inform NAV that you will not only meet your real-time invoice reporting obligation, but you will also send an e-invoice tot he Hungarian Tax Authority.
  • Agree with your Customer about the conditions of the electronic invoicing!

Hungary real-time invoice reporting

NAV e-invoice from the Recipient’s site

What should you do in case of acceptance of a NAV XML 3.0 e-invoice as a Recipient?

  • Make it sure that your billing software is suitable for accepting a NAV XML e-invoice!
  • Agree with your Supplier about the conditions of the electronic invoicing!
  • Sign up for NAV Online Invoice 3.0 system and download your new XML e-invoice!

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Connectax – Digital Taxation Platform

Ensure your ERP’s compliance with the latest NAV Online Invoice requirements with Connectax digital taxation platform!

  • Platform-independent, cloud-based.
  • High error-tolerant design, bridges NAV outages.
  • Simple and always compliant.

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