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The change in the approach of tax authority audits is built on enhanced use of the IT background support. Today, the complex databases available to HU TA allow not only the collection of data but also an evaluation of data going beyond their mere statistical analysis. Instead of the former “compulsory” audits performed at certain intervals affecting certain key players of the economy, we can now observe a shift in audits towards and concentration on the identification of high-risk auditors or seemingly risk economic relationships. Through an in-depth risk analysis of companies’ data and business relationships, the tax authority’s selection of taxpayers for audits became much more targeted. The developments of HU TA completed in the past few years are moving in the direction of real-time audits. 

Tax authority procedures vary by intensity. While some audits are completed quickly, others go on for months and require much attention and energy. It is up to each company to decide whether they want to face the various challenges arising during such procedures themselves or to ask for help from a tax expert who are able to serve the needs of the inspectors of the tax authority and the requests received during the procedure in an effective manner and with a view to the interests of their clients. 

During our representation work, we establish a dialogue on professional ground with the tax authority as a result of which the potentially arising tax law issues are solved with the highest possible efficiency and in the most practical manner serving the interests of our clients. During our tax representation work, we are also open to cooperation in cases already in progress. 

We provide the following to clients as part of our tax representation service: 

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