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Customs, excise and waste management advisory services

Our customs, excise and waste management advisory services constitute a complex solution from administrative obligations to organisational restructuring for start-up enterprises as well as large companies with many years of experience.

Our experts help by developing the right corporate strategy and uncovering optimisation opportunities:

  •  reducing customs costs and payable customs duties associated with international trade, 
  •  managing the necessary customs permits for export-import activities,
  •  optimising excise tax liabilities,
  •  compliance with EPR rules, managing EPR registrations, EPR records, and EPR declarations, 
  • compliance with the rules of the Deposit Return System (DRS), solving DRS registrations for those concerned, reviewing DRS obligations for the company,
  •  in order to comply with EU rules on carbon intensity of imported goods: in the determination of the CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) involvement, in the fulfilment of the CBAM reporting and declaration obligations (calculation, registration, data reporting)
  • and in cost-effective and compliant ongoing fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements in customs, excise, and waste management. 

Why choose our Customs, excise and waste management advisory services?
Based on their extensive practical experience the customs, excise and waste management experts of RSM Hungary can assist you across the full range of services from entering the market through basic and special customs proceedings to follow up audits as well as in potential legal remedy procedures. We have developed our unique and special methods to satisfy the needs of our corporate clients by imposing the smallest possible burden on the companies and without disturbing their everyday activities. We are developing effective and successful excise activities in compliance with the statutory requirements in order to fulfil the obligations relating to the activities to the companies.

Our excise advisory services include planning and supporting market entry, obtaining the necessary permits, determining the amount of excise duty security, and fulfilling administrative obligations. We also assist our partners with full excise compliance services, assisting with official controls and assisting with excise duty reclaims.

Within the framework of our waste management consulting activities, we offer comprehensive assistance to companies for the full and compliant fulfillment of new waste management obligations; Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Deposit Return System (DRS). 

CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) - our carbon duty consultancy services provide full assistance to the companies concerned in complying with the EU rules on carbon intensity offsetting of imported goods: CBAM exposure determination, CBAM reporting and declaration (calculation, registration, data provision).

Our services cover customs and excise, as well as KVDT (Environmental Product Tax) and Neta (Public Health Product Tax).




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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services

Tímea Szántó

Manager, Customs, excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) advisory services

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