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Customs, excise and product tax advisory services

Our customs, excise and product tax advisory services constitute a complex solution from administrative obligations to organisational restructuring for start-up enterprises as well as large companies with many years of experience.

Why choose our Customs, excise and product tax advisory services?
Based on their extensive practical experience the customs and excise experts of RSM Hungary can assist you across the full range of services from entering the market through basic and special customs proceedings to follow up audits as well as in potential legal remedy procedures. We have developed our unique and special methods to satisfy the needs of our corporate clients by imposing the smallest possible burden on the companies and without disturbing their everyday activities. We are developing effective and successful excise activities in compliance with the statutory requirements in order to fulfil the obligations relating to the activities to the companies.

With the help of our methods tailored to the needs of companies we offer the most comfortable and flexible solutions and help them obtain licences that will provide them relieves customs.

Our excise advisory services include planning and support of entering the market, obtaining the required licences, calculation of the excise security amounts and fulfilment of administrative obligations. We also assist our partners with a complex Compliance service, assistance during administrative audits and in reclaiming excise tax.

Our services covered not only customs and excise, but also environmental product tax (KVTD) and public health product tax (NETA).

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Product Tax Advisory Services

Tímea Szántó

Manager, Customs, excise and product tax advisory services

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