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Advisory services relating to environmental product tax

Advisory services relating to environmental product tax

Our services constitute complex assistance in all aspects of the product tax liabilities of companies.

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services


With our advisory services in environmental product tax, we offer complex assistance to companies from the definition of their activities in terms of product tax liabilities, through the review and development of the records kept by them to the fulfilment of all administrative obligations.

What services do we offer in relation to environmental product tax?

The environmental product tax experts of RSM Hungary have many years of practical experience in the performance of administrative obligations relating to product tax and the identification of optimisation options relating to it. Our experts provide effective assistance in the performance of the statutory obligations and the administration of the payable and reclaimable taxes. We are committed to offering the best quality service to our clients by relying on our excellent professional knowledge.

Background support

Advisory services

  • Advisory services relating to activities subject to product tax
  • Review of trade and assumption contracts and KVTD documents, advisory services relating to them
  • Review of the KVTD records of the Company and making them conform to the statutory requirements as and when applicable
  • Development of a transparent and easily manageable system of records
  • Review and, when necessary, development and preparation of documentation and regulations concerning the internal processes of the Company relating to product tax liabilities
  • Prior assessment and consultation concerning changes in the legal environment and introduction of market processes (supplier/customer requirements and performance) and products
  • Advisory services concerning the fulfilment of obligations relating to production and domestic and international trade

Optimisation of fee payments

  • Analysis of the KVTD practice of the Company, identification of simplification options
  • Restructuring of the administrative tasks relating to product tax (outsourcing or integration into an organisation)

Assistance in entering the market

  • Assessment of the nature of the activity pursued by the Company in terms of product tax liability, review of risks and statutory requirements
  • Comprehensive information on statutory requirements and administrative obligations
  • Optimisation of product tax obligations
  • Professional assistance in the performance of requirements

Audit services

  • Review of the performance of obligations
  • Review of product tax declarations and performance of other obligations
  • Review of factors directly and indirectly affecting the product tax liability (trade and assumption contract)
  • Analysis and assessment of the procedures, practices and internal regulations of the Company
  • Subsequent review of the customs tariff classifications and documents used in international trade

Goods classification-analysis options

  • Review of the application of the rules pertaining to good classification
  • Review of the customs tariff classification of goods and related advisory services
  • Advisory services relating to the application of the CsK (packaging product catalogue code) and KT (environmental product code)

Representation in administrative proceedings

  • Product tax follow up audit
  • Administrative control
  • Legal remedy proceedings
  • Hungarian and European court proceedings
  • Compliance services

Submission of declarations and performance of other obligations

  • Control of the product tax records of the Company
  • Advisory services and complete administration of administrative data supplies and product tax declarations

Product tax refund claims

  • Administrative services relating to product tax refund claims and its options and methods
  • Review of authorisation according to legal basis
  • Managing the whole process of product tax refund claims

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