Brexit guide for UK companies operating in Hungary

At the moment there is no clear single scenario with respect to how the Brexit will evolve (no-deal Brexit, postponing the Brexit, some sort of deal,...
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Gábor Fajcsák

Key changes affecting companies in the summer tax package

The key changes of the summer tax package affecting companies include measures designed to create incentives to employment and investment, reduce the administrative burden and also measures arising from the international obligation to harmonise legislation.


Updated! Social contribution tax rate cut to 17.5% from 1 July 2019

The new Act on Social Contribution Tax effective from 1 January 2019 was basically novel relative to former regulation in terms of the integration of health contribution and the transformation of the system of allowances while the reduction of the tax rate with effect from 1 July made employment cheaper. A further 2 percentage point reduction is expected from 2020.

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Online invoice reporting - the most common faults

For nearly a year, in Hungary taxpayers have been required to report their invoices issued to domestic taxpayers in real time, whenever the chargeable VAT exceeds HUF 100,000. What are the most common faults and challenges in the Hungarian online invoice reporting?

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