Review of Tax Changes Hungary 2018

Review of Tax Changes in 2018

This summary aims to review all amendments to substantive tax laws adopted in 2017 and earlier, affecting the year 2018.
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Edina Pentz

Non-working days in 2018: a year rich in long weekends but also in short ones

The Decree of the Minister of National Economy on the work schedules around non-working days is in force from 1 January 2018 but has already been made public. The decree shows that we will have plenty of long weekends next year also but, unlike this year, a part of these will be compensated by moved working days.


Data storage – not only concerning primary sources!

Companies often underestimate the quantity of data they accumulated about their buyers, customers. This also means that they underestimate the significance and potential consequences of the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Cégkapu – Registration of Foreign Managers Clarified

The matter of the registration of foreign managers has become clearer in relation to the use of the company portal “Cégkapu” that companies will be obliged to use from 1 January 2018. It is now clear what tasks have to be fulfilled using the Cégkapu portal and where companies not yet registered or already registered can get more information regarding the operation of the portal.

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