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Gábor Fajcsák

Taxation changes in 2022 - How do we tax in 2022 in Hungary?

A number of taxation changes will be introduced from January, including VAT, tax planning, corporate income tax (CIT),personal income tax (PIT),...
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Lilla Németh

Online Invoice data reporting: warning for errors coming from the Hungarian Tax Authority now

From October, the Hungarian Tax Authority sends letters to the taxpayers reporting online invoice data erroneously. The warning should be taken seriously as the VAT return proposals will also be based on this data.


Risks of a generation change - advantages of planned wealth transfer

Whether we are talking about a generation change within a family or the selling of a company, a customized structure serving the security of company assets and ensuring the continued operation of the company should be developed. An unregulated transfer of a company or wealth brings the risk of a reduction in value. The key is therefore conscious organization development and timely started preparation.

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