Brexit guide for UK companies operating in Hungary

At the moment there is no clear single scenario with respect to how the Brexit will evolve (no-deal Brexit, postponing the Brexit, some sort of deal,...
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Helga Kiss

Film financing from subsidy – the role of the comfort letter

The shooting of The Alienist, nominated in two categories at the 2019 Golden Globes, and Genius: Picasso, nominated in the category for best actor, both took place in Hungary. How does the Corporate Income Tax (TAO) system in Hungary assist in raising the funds to cover film production costs and what role does the comfort letter have in the planning and raising the funds to cover the costs of film production?
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Hungarian online invoice reporting system meeting expectations but needing correction

The first result figures of the six months since the launch of the online invoice reporting system confirm that the real-time invoice data reporting service met expectations in terms of improving the efficiency of VAT collection. The Hungarian tax authority is able to identify fraudulent businesses almost immediately and in an automated manner relying on the data submitted through the solutions provided by the companies obliged to report data and their service providers.

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Who should choose group taxation?

Based on the adopted tax laws for the coming year, Hungary will join a number of European countries with a modern tax system, where group taxation is also available with regard to direct taxes, in addition to the VAT. From the 2019 tax year, it will be possible also in Hungary to choose group corporate taxation, which can be notified to the Tax Authority in the first two weeks of January. Let us see who should choose this and what aspects should be considered in the next two months?

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