Lilla Németh

E-invoicing in 2021 – it pays off to switch with NAV in Hungary!

There are only a few weeks left and we are going to enter a new age of taxation as of April 2021 in Hungary! Thanks to the Hungarian Tax Authority\'s...
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János Karczub

The deadline for transfer pricing documentation is getting close in Hungary

Companies that use a business year identical with the calendar year must prepare their transfer pricing documentation by the end of May 2021, the latest.


Change in VAT-returns from 20 February!

A substantial change was introduced from 1 January 2021 in the recapitulative statements (M-sheet) to be submitted as part of the VAT return. The change concerns all taxable persons receiving final invoices from domestic partners, which were preceded by an advance invoice and are subject to the reporting obligation.

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Levente Almási, Partner, Head of M&A and Valuation services
Levente Almási
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