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Mátyás Budai

Electronic invoicing and archiving - what's beyond the pile of papers?

The move to electronic invoicing could be the first step in transforming administration. An increasing number of companies prefer contactless payments...
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Diána Varga

This tax allowance can help businesses stay afloat

In the current economic climate, Hungarian businesses are also facing gradually rising energy prices, and are having to pay several times more than they used to for gas and electricity. One way to reduce costs is to invest in energy efficiency, to which the Corporate Tax Act also links a tax allowance.
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Digitisation and payroll? Nothing to be feared!

Repetitive tasks involved in monthly payroll processing are among the areas where digitisation is critical as it reduces errors and makes it easier to ensure legal compliance and precise timing. Both smaller and larger companies face ever-increasing requirements, and outsourced payroll can boost technology adoption or remotely perform the tasks associated with being a social security disbursement agency.

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