Investment incentives, important VAT and EKAER changes in the summer tax package

About the most important measures of the summer draft tax package concerning companies, we can say in advance that it will include employment and...
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József Vizer

Corporate tax return - what may have been left out at the preparation of the year-end corporate tax advance top-up…

What adjustment factors may and need to be taken into account for the corporate tax calculation to be closed until the end of May? What room do taxpayers have for movement if the amount of corporate tax advance could not be estimated precisely? These questions should be considered as the 31st of May approaches.


Helga Kiss, Senior tax advisor, RSM Hungary
Helga Kiss

Tax consequences of company sales and acquisitions

At the time of company or division sales, sellers have a tax liability (an obligation to pay income tax),let they be private individuals or companies. In connection with purchasing a company or division, any tax payment obligations and potential subsequent uses of deferred losses must be examined.

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