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General IT Audit

1. IT risk management

It is crucial for companies to be aware of their IT risks and continuously reduce the likelihood of IT risks or their measurable impact on the organisation. With our RSM IT Risk Management Service, we help companies identify IT risks and controls, and develop a detailed IT risk management strategy to eliminate or mitigate negative impacts. Trust our IT audit experts for safe and efficient operation!

2. IT system audit

We recommend our service if you want to have a clear picture of the operational efficiency of your IT processes and systems and increase the level of IT security within your organization. RSM IT auditors evaluate the logical security, change management, physical security and availability of your IT environment with unique and customized testing.

3. IT Audit

Nowadays, business operations are increasingly digitized, and most of their processes are carried out in virtual space, where IT systems support daily work. IT audits are intended to determine whether IT systems that support financial processes are operating effectively. IT audits help make auditing more efficient. We recommend RSM’s IT audit service to auditors who do not have their own IT audit specialist and the complexity of their client's IT systems justifies the involvement of an expert.

4. IT policies

Establishing an appropriate regulatory framework is essential for fostering an efficient and secure IT environment. RSM’s IT audit experts prepare, comprehensively review and timely update your IT policies to ensure alignment with both global standards and national best practices for optimal performance and security.

IT compliance audit

1. NIS2 advisory

The NIS2 Directive (NIS2 Directive - Network and Information Systems Directive 2) marks a new milestone in cybersecurity. NIS2 establishes a unified high-level cybersecurity framework across the European Union aimed at strengthening the preparedness of member states and affected organizations to defend against cyber threats.

During RSM's NIS2 advisory services our experienced IT audit specialists support your preparation to comply with the requirements of the NIS2 Directive which helps your company to meet cybersecurity requirements.

NIS2 Advisory

2. Other compliance audits

RSM’s IT audit experts assess the gap between the current state of the IT environment and the specified requirements. The requirements may be defined by a law or regulation published by a regulatory organisation, but it may be a national standard or a parent company requirement. As a result of our audit, we define the areas that need to be improved in order to be compliant.

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