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Payroll processing, accounting, tax consulting, auditing, and digital taxation solutions form the foundation of RSM Hungary's service portfolio. Due to our unrelenting diligence, experience, and commitment, we have become a defining player in the Hungarian consulting market - and our aim is to assist you with any and all issues you might encounter.

As a member of the RSM Global network, we provide payroll and accounting services in over 120 countries.

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What payroll services are available within the framework of full outsourcing?

Payroll processing - wages, contributions, and taxes

Our comprehensive solutions in payroll and social security services ensure that our clients can fully meet their obligations including:

  • wage calculation,
  • sick pay and social security benefits,
  • payroll submission,
  • employer income certification,
  • regulation and calculation of cafeteria elements,
  • tax and contribution calculations.

We provide a smooth, secure, and up-to-date execution of outsourced payroll tasks with dedicated payroll software (e.g., Nexon, KulcsSoft, SAP).

Payroll & Wage Calculations ➜

HR Consulting Services

We launched our human resource management services because we believe that our solutions provide a strategic advantage to our partners in this crucial area of business as well.

Our HR Management & Consulting Services:

  • HR Admin Service - provide legal compliance, optimization of administrative processes, and document management.
  • Leadership support -  coaching for managers, HR, and business leaders
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Talent Management & Retainment - identify, develop, and retain your best professionals!
  • Interim Solutions
  • Compensation & Benefit Structure Management
  • Training and Development Programs - tailor-made workforce developmental solutions to improve overall output
  • Mental Health Preservation Programs
  • Performance Management & Monitoring - genuinely useful performance assessment with a customized, yet objective  benchmarking system

HR Consulting Services ➜

Social Security (TB) Advisory and Administration for Companies

Our social security and payroll experts - while keeping in mind any unique need your company might have - assist in the application of social security regulations and perform the corresponding administrative activities.

Our TB advisory services include, among others:

  • Handling of Social Security Payment Office tasks (in case of employee staff over 100 people)
  • Managing and calculating sick pay claims
  • Preparation of TB data submissions, employer certifications
  • Conducting social security audits

Social Security Consulting ➜

Work Permits

For foreign workers in Hungary, we provide full management of obtaining Hungarian work permits. We transfer all necessary information about the process in both Hungarian and English.

Obtainment of Work Permits ➜

Tax Obligations of Foreign Individuals in Hungary

Individuals considered foreign for tax purposes, who work in Hungary and receive their income from a company based abroad, may fall under the provisions of double taxation treaties. During consultations, we provide advice based on the current regulations of the countries involved. 

Tax liabilities of Foreigners ➜

Preparation of Personal Income Tax Returns

Our income tax return specialists ensure that employees who are self-assessed or opt for self-assessment in their personal income tax returns have declarations compliant with legal and authority requirements - and we calculate the amount of tax due.

Personal Income Tax Return ➜

Payroll Processing in Practice

Our payroll articles address the most important news for 2023, practical information, which has been assisting the work of our profession for years.

Whether it's simpler, yet important, topics like the 2024 public holiday calendar or more complex issues like the latest modifications of the Hungarian Labour Code - you will always find up-to-date information with us.

In many cases, however, we can best assist payroll accountants by interpreting various Hungarian regulations, such as the "Munka Törvénykönyve" (The Hungarian Labour Code). Meeting the continuously changing requirements like the regulation of Social Security Payment Offices or the rules of Social Security Inspection procedures is far from simple - our services can make it so.

Need Professional Outsourced Payroll Services?

If you are looking for answers to questions such as:

  • How to manage payroll simply and cost-effectively,
  • Which payroll program is ideal for your business,
  • How to properly handle sick pay and wage deductions,
  • What are the objective advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing payroll,

then turn to the RSM Hungary Payroll Division. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions!

International Background - Reliable Payroll Services Worldwide

As a member of the RSM Global network, we provide comprehensive payroll services in more than 120 countries. In addition to payroll services, we offer - among others - tax advisory, accounting, business valuation, and legal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Payroll 2023

Alongside experts, we also want to provide knowledge to those who are not professionals - but wish to learn more about payroll or are interested in payroll work. For complex professional queries, you can contact our team of payroll experts here!

What is payroll processing?

Payroll processing is the process of calculating and administering the wages and other benefits due to employees for the work performed. It involves determining gross wages, calculating deductions (taxes, contributions, and other mandatory or voluntary deductions),and preparing for net wage payments.

Who can be a payroll processor?

To become a payroll processor, one must complete a nationally recognised payroll course. However, obtaining a payroll certificate is only the first step, as the previously referenced laws, legal provisions, and other procedural regulations are constantly changing.

What is the difference between an accountant and a payroll processor?

An accountant deals more 'generally' with recording a company's financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and managing tax filings. On the other hand, a payroll processor specifically focuses on employees' wages and benefits, along with the related taxes and contributions.

When is it necessary to establish a Social Security Payment Office?

Every employer that permanently employs at least 100 individuals (or is likely to reach this number soon) eligible for social security benefits, is obliged to ensure the completion of the social security tasks specified in the law or governmental decree - and for this purpose, must establish a social security Payment Office.

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