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Over the years we have faced many challenges in human resource management. With our HR Consulting Services - as part of RSM's Global network - we want to share our knowledge and experience with our partners.

Integrated Human Resources Solutions by RSM

Supporting managers (and through them, employees) is one of our key objectives. We respond to their personal dilemmas and provide them with workable solutions.

Our human resource consultancy services are driven by the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all HR solution.

Each case is a unique challenge that requires a tailored approach - this is our belief and solving them is our passion. 

Our HR Management & Consulting Services:

  • HR Admin Service
  • Leadership support -  coaching for managers, HR, and business leaders
  • HR Outsourcing - a solution for overly complex tasks
  • Interim Solutions
  • Talent Management & Retainment -  identify, develop, and retain your best professionals!
  • Compensation and Benefit Structure Management
  • Performance Management & Monitoring - a customized, yet objective performance assessment is a must in creating an effective HR strategy
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Mental Health Preservation Programs

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Our comprehensive HR administration services are designed to reduce the administrative burden for our clients, so they can better focus on their strategic priorities. We ensure full legal compliance in all HR-related documents, contracts and certificates. In addition, we assist in the creation of HR policies and work instructions to ensure both compliance and legal compliance. We are also proactive in adapting to changes in labour law, ensuring that our customers' HR documents and employment information are always up-to-date.

Comprehensive HR administration tasks include:

  • process optimization,
  • automation, digitalization,
  • ensuring legal compliance in employment contracts, regulations, certificates,
  • creation of HR and labour documents.

Management Support - Consulting & Coaching for Managers

We are dedicated to supporting front-line managers and business leaders in their daily lives, with a personal commitment to their success. Our main focus is the complex development of leadership skills, increasing their effectiveness. We know that leadership is often a lonely journey, our goal is to be a trusted advisor to support management, HR and business leaders in their employee-related challenges, provide guidance and refine leadership skills.

Our human resources consulting services are uniquely designed to help you navigate the complexities of leadership, fostering both personal and professional development.

HR Outsourcing - Solve Complex Human Resource Tasks

If our partners want to implement the most effective HR solutions and efficient, well-managed HR processes without a specialized in-house team, outsourcing may be the right strategy. We provide measurable improvement by auditing the implementation of HR functions in your company and then offering a tailored outsourcing solution that perfectly meets your partner's needs. Outsourcing can cover the entire HR function or specific HR processes that our partners do not have the capacity to do due to a lack of resources.

From managing HR administration tasks in compliance with legislation to providing complex human resource management and automated professional services, we can perform any kind of HR task.

Our support ensures that your human resources management is in truly competent hands.

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Interim Solutions - Immediate Assistance & Temporary Support

If our partners need temporary HR support - whether it's maternity leave or extended sick leave - we'll provide the right solution. We can help your day-to-day operations run smoothly and allow you to analyze HR tasks and improve processes, among other things. If you want to implement a new HR strategy or HR solutions, we can provide support and training to ensure a smooth transition for your colleagues.

Talent Management - Retain Your Best Professionals!

Our partners have valuable professionals they want to retain – that is a core responsibility of human resource management. A well-structured HR program can motivate, inspire, develop, and retain them, and we are ready to help you directly. Our support helps identify talent, guides their development, and strengthens their commitment.

We provide continuous feedback on employee progress, so that potential risks can be proactively managed and prevented.

We help build a talent pool of future leaders, and can provide a transparent succession plan on demand.

Compensation & Benefit Structure Management

If our clients want to assess their competitiveness in the labour market, we can provide valuable benchmarking analysis to help them design competitive pay and incentive packages.  We can provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of how the structure and effectiveness of your company's benefits system relate to the current Hungarian labour market. This insight will allow you to identify vulnerable HR areas and help you identify which groups of employees are at risk of losing their jobs. 

With this information, our partner can implement more personalized and effective pay and incentive solutions, resulting in higher employee retention volumes.

Our consultants can assist you in creating an effective benefit structure!

Performance Management - Genuinely Useful Performance Assessment

Performance assessment and management often falls short of expectations and is seen by both managers and colleagues as a useless and time-consuming effort. Our transparent and effective solutions aim to change this perception. We offer a consensus and dialogue-based performance management system for our partners' organizations’, ensuring that everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities, and how and what they contribute to the success of the company.

Training & Development Programs

Our HR consulting and advisory team specializes in providing customized training and development solutions to improve various aspects of organizational performance. These solutions include core programs such as:

  • problem-solving,
  • communication skills,
  • stress management,
  • influencing skills,
  • development programs for leaders and talent. 
These training solutions enable organizations to develop their workforce and improve employee engagement.

Mental Health Preservation Programs

We prioritize the mental health and well-being of our clients' employees.  We work with experienced psychologists to provide comprehensive mental health support. We offer counseling, stress management, and emotional well-being programs. With the help of our experts, we create a supportive and psychologically healthy workplace, promoting resilience and productivity.

Why Should You Choose RSM's HR Consulting?

Our comprehensive HR services deliver a strategic advantage to our clients - from human resource administration through talent management to leadership support - providing a seamless HR solution to your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions - HR Consulting Services

What is HR?

HR stands for Human Resources. In a business context, human resource management refers to the activities and processes responsible for managing employees, including administration, training, employee relations, performance management, benefits administration and other workforce-related activities. The primary goal of HR processes is to optimize the contribution of employees to the success of the organization by creating and maintaining a positive work environment, promoting employee development, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. HR professionals play a crucial role in supporting the overall strategic objectives of the organization and in the effective management of human capital.

What Makes a Good HR Manager?

A good HR (human resources) professional has a combination of skills, qualities and attributes that enable them to effectively manage and support an organization’s workforce. Here are some key characteristics of a good HR professional: 

Communication skills: strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for effective interaction with employees, management and external stakeholders.

Empathy, conflict management: understanding and empathizing with employees' concerns and needs, fostering positive relationships and a supportive workplace culture. Skillfully managing workplace conflicts and disputes, fostering a harmonious and productive working environment.

Ethical behavior: maintaining high ethical standards and confidentiality in handling sensitive employee information and organizational matters.

Problem solving: proactively identifying and addressing workplace problems, conflicts and challenges in a solution-oriented manner.

Strategic thinking: aligning HR practices with overall business objectives and contributing to organizational strategy by understanding the wider business context.

Credibility and trustworthiness: building and maintaining trust with employees and management through consistency, integrity and reliability.

Continuous learning: staying up to date with industry trends, changes in labour laws and new HR practices to deliver innovative and effective solutions for the organization.

Team player: collaborating with colleagues across departments, as HR often involves working with diverse teams to achieve common goals.

Analytical Thinking: applying analytical skills to interpret HR metrics and data, to facilitate informed decision making.

These characteristics together contribute to HR professionals' effectiveness in managing human capital and supporting the overall success of the organization.

Why is HR of Strategic Importance?

HR is strategically important because it directly impacts an organization’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent, align with business objectives and create a positive and high-performing workplace culture. A well-managed HR function contributes to the overall competitiveness and success of the organization in a dynamic and evolving business environment.

Why does the Quality of HR Strategy Matter?

The quality of HR is essential as it influences critical aspects of talent management, strategic alignment, employee satisfaction, legal compliance and overall organizational success. A high-quality HR function enhances an organization’s competitiveness and resilience in an ever-changing business environment.

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