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The services of our Film & Movie business line cover a full spectrum of tax consulting, accounting, legal consulting and administrative tasks relating to the complex process of movie making - production planning and setting up of the production office, the financing background, foreign and local film crew members, the employment of actors, production preparation, filming and post-production work. 

It is not only Hungary's filming expert staff and infrastructure that attracts international film productions but also the country's successfully launched indirect film tax rebate scheme the rate of which increased to 30 percent in June 2018 making the possibility of filming in Hungary even more favourable for film productions whether it is international or domestic. The higher rate of film tax rebate will certainly remain in place until 31 December 2024 giving the Hungarian film industry a good chance for keeping its market-leading position in the increasingly sharp European and regional competition. 

The 30 percent normative state film tax rebate available in the form of a tax refund can be applied for the making of Hungarian, foreign or co-production films in the case of which at least 80% of the direct production cost, i.e. production budget arises directly in Hungary. In case of film tax rebates not reaching the 80 percent Hungarian spend ratio, the amount equivalent to 25 percent of the Hungarian cost of non-Hungarian spend is also eligible for a 30 percent tax rebate. Strict registration, cost accounting, and administration requirements have to be fulfilled in order to apply for the indirect film tax rebate. An application meeting statutory requirements have to be filed for which a thorough knowledge of facts relevant for tax purposes is essential. 

Our complex advisory service designed for the special characteristics of the filming industry guarantees high-level service for our partners built on the knowledge of Hungary's regulatory background and on the needs of individuals, experts and companies concerned by film production  (production offices, film distributors, film studios, producers, financers, actors and crew members). It does not matter if it is an independent film production or the production of a film or series of a large film studio or a dynamically growing media service provider, the Hungarian filming industry is capable of fulfilling tasks cost-efficiently with the appropriate administration provided by our competent tax, accounting, and legal experts. 

Full-scope of services from RSM Film & Movie business line:

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Helga Kiss, tax director, RSM Hungary

Helga Kiss

Director, Tax services

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Miklós Héhn

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