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Preparation of IFRS reports and statements

A government decree promulgated in 2015 provides companies with the opportunity of the domestic application of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for unique reporting purposes. For some of the companies it will be an obligation while for others it will be an option to apply IFRS instead of the Hungarian accounting standards for the preparation of annual financial statements.

Why choose our IFRS services?
Our IFRS experts have an up-to-date knowledge and extensive experience and are able to prepare IFRS reports and IFRS statements applying systems developed based on clients’ needs (Hyperion) and in the requested frequency for both local and regional management.

As part of our IFRS accounting service, our experts not only perform accounting tasks but also prepare clients’ tax returns, prepare IFRS financial statements and, if necessary, also perform IFRS-based audits and due diligence.

Preparation and filing of IFRS reports

We provide the following service as part of its IFRS  service:

  • preparation of IFRS statements
  • impact analysis of transferring to IFRS accounting
  • elaboration of the strategy of transferring to IFRS accounting
  • preparation of IFRS accounting policy
  • planning and implementation of IFRS systems and controls taking clients’ needs and the relevant regulations into account.
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Miklós Héhn, Partner, Head of accounting

Miklós Héhn

Partner, Deputy CEO

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