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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Indirect tax director

Dániel Sztankó has been head of RSM Hungary Zrt's financial representation team specialing in domestic and international VAT services since 2014. He was a manager at Deloitte specialising in VAT and indirect taxes first in Hungary from 2008 and then in Singapore from 2012, prior to which he had worked for Crown Agents Company of London. He began his professional career with the tax authority where he worked as a tax specialist in VAT for more than 5 years. As an advisor to global market players, he has focused on the regulation and application of European, Asian and international value added taxes and indirect taxes for more than a decade. He has acquired experience in a number of sectors, such as energy, telecommunication, technology, logistics, pharmaceuticals, financial services and real estate, both in Hungary and abroad.


Dániel Sztankó's posts

Brexit guide for UK companies operating in Hungary

At the moment there is no clear single scenario with respect to how the Brexit will evolve (no-deal Brexit, postponing the Brexit, some sort of deal, etc). We think reasonably prudent businesses should start preparing for no-deal Brexit, despite the probability of other scenarios.

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Should we start preparing for Brexit?

At the moment, nobody knows what will happen to Brexit, if it will happen at all or if it will be postponed. There are many possible scenarios but prudent business operation requires us to prepare for a no-deal Brexit even if we are still hoping for Brexit to be postponed.

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No sanctions period until July 31 for RTIR

The Hungarian Authorities have issued a statement over the weekend that no sanctions will be applied until 31 July if the taxpayer registers for the real-time invoice reporting with the Hungarian Tax Authority and reports the affected invoices online until 31 July 2018.

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