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RSM Real Estate Desk

RSM Hungary provides comprehensive support to its partners, in all kinds of real estate issues.

The experts of our Tax, Accounting, and M&A divisions and our Legal counselors have been providing consulting services to various domestic and foreign operators in the real estate sector for several decades.

In the course of our work, we serve our clients on the buyer, seller, tenant, lessor, investor, and entrepreneurial side in many areas: accounting, legal, tax, and financial advisory relating to real estates, real estate sale, tax, and legal structuring, transactional support, etc.

Taking advantage of the synergies within RSM, we have compiled a Real Estate Desk consisting of dedicated legal, tax, financial, and accounting experts from each of our divisions, which combines our Real Estate-industry related experience and expertise in the real estate sector.

Why RSM Real Estate Desk?
Based on our complex, multidisciplinary expert knowledge and experience, we can ensure the implementation of expert coordination of the most complex transactions, from the solution of real estate specific issues till the coordination of technical implementation. We provide a comprehensive service in all matters relating to the real estate business; real estate investment and development, real estate acquisition and utilization, elaboration of various structures in case of sale of real estate through share deal.
Our clients can receive:
  • transactional (M&A),
  • tax,
  • accounting,
  • legal advice at the same time

How can RSM Real Estate Desk help?

  • Comprehensive support for real estate transactions: M&A / Acquisition, Legal, Tax, Due diligences 
  • Investment advisory, legal support for real estate investments
  • Accounting, tax and legal consulting related to real estate management
  • Land, building and other tax consulting 
  • Real estate valuation support
  • Tax and legal advisory related to agricultural land
  • Support for real estate matters relating to mining and solar power projects 
  • Litigation related to real estate

Comprehensive buy-side support

  • Tax, legal and financial due diligence, risk management
  • Tax, legal and financial advice related to real estate acquisition 
  • Tax and legal opinion on lease contracts
  • Search for potential real estate, target companies and sellers (deal matching)
  • Development of domestic and international real estate structures, structuring advisory
  • Settlement advisory
  • Transfer tax (duty) advisory and planning
  • Fundraising and financing advisory

Comprehensive sell-side support

  • Supporting the preparation for a sale (health check, vendor due diligence)
  • Comprehensive tax, legal and financial planning of real estate sale
  • Search for potential investors and buyers (deal matching)
  • Support for strategy planning
  • Legal planning of lease construction

The benefits of our international network

RSM Hungary is a member of RSM’s global consulting network which is represented in 120 countries. The European Real Estate Group, which operates within the RSM network, combines the tax, transaction (M&A),and accounting information and competencies of 22 European countries with experience in the international real estate sector.

Through our expertise in local real estate regulation, we combine local experience with international knowledge to support our clients in real estate investment and real estate related activities.

In close cooperation with the members of the M&A Group of the RSM network, our experts also provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients in course of international acquisitions, real estate, and company investments, and other cross-border transactions.

In addition to our comprehensive international advisory services, with the help of RSM’s international network, we are also at the disposal of our clients in connection with potential domestic and foreign investments on a supply and demand side (deal matching).

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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

Viktória Clamba

Senior manager, Tax services

Levente Almási, Partner, Head of M&A and Valuation services

Levente Almási

Head of M&A, Valuation and Corporate Finance

Géza Jaczkó


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