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The scope of our tax advisory services covers the answering of general as well as specific taxation issues and professional advice including the gathering of background information relating to specific transactions, participation in meetings and negotiations and taking of notes. In addition to special tax law questions, we also assist our clients by answering any questions arising in everyday business.

Why choose our Tax consulting service?
Our firm handles all tax advisory requests as individual projects. We inform our clients in advance of the expected time requirement of the project and, always considering our clients’ needs, the expected date of completion of our advice. An integral part of our tax advisory services is the meeting or conference call with our client following the submission of our written advice to discuss the elements of the advice in detail.

Our tax group informs clients on current tax changes and new legal interpretations of the tax authority in regular newsletters. We believe that in the future, timely information on additional tax obligations will play an important role in the clarification of our clients’ financial plans and their tax optimization efforts.

As part of our tax advisory services, we particularly offer clients the following services:

  • Assessment of special tax-related questions and expressing professional opinions in letters of advice on the basis of special engagements;
  • Preparation and submission of guideline requests to the Tax Authority and the Ministry of Finance, preparation of binding ruling requests;
  • Representation of clients in front of Tax Authority and other audits relating to their business and preparation of comments, appeals, requests for supervisory measures in tax administration procedures;
  • In case of the court revision of tax authority resolutions, preparation of the claim and representation of the client in the court procedure;
  • Preliminary analysis of contracts from a tax perspective and drafting of contracts with significant tax implications;
  • Correspondence with the tax authority (applications for permission to increase frequency of returns, data reconciliation, etc.)
  • Contact with other authorities
  • Cooperation in the development and implementation of the salary structure and benefit (cafeteria) system of companies
  • Preparation of annual personal income tax returns
  • Other tax advisory services in line with professional standards
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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

Helga Kiss, tax director, RSM Hungary

Helga Kiss

Director, Tax services

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