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International VAT advisory

Comprehensive cross-border transaction analysis and VAT implications

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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Director, Indirect Tax services


Would you like to obtain a clear understanding of your company’s VAT obligations throughout distinct markets? Following a comprehensive assessment of all cross-border VAT processes and business activities (e.g., sales and chain supply transactions),RSM’s advisory team provides clear guidance regarding potential administrative or VAT payment requirements.

It is also identified whether your company is required to register for VAT in foreign markets, or if applicable VAT legislation and simplification rules grant the possibility to avoid VAT registration abroad altogether.

International VAT advisory services

  • Preassessment of cross-border sales activities for tailored VAT management solutions.
  • Complete VAT liability and operational risk identification.
  • Recommendations for simplification and VAT-optimised restructuring of operations.
  • Complex market-specific VAT administration: VAT registration, preparation, and filing of VAT reports.
  • VAT refund applications to reclaim taxes charged in another Member State.

Business cases and VAT advisory solution scope

Cross-border business activities subject to VAT may include:

  • Moving of goods across the Member States,
  • Establishment of call-off stocks in another Member State,
  • Domestic sale of goods in another member country (without local residency or prior VAT registration),
  • Sales activities involving two or more parties (chain and triangle transactions),
  • Third country chain supply and sale of goods,
  • Tax reclaim of deductible VAT paid in the other Member States.

Tailored best-fit solutions and VAT simplification opportunities for your company

International and Hungarian VAT regulations hold various prospects and simplification opportunities. A primary purpose of VAT simplification rules (so-called Quick Fixes) is to decrease taxpayers’ administrative burden of intra-Community VAT processes. As Member States have implemented the European VAT Directive with slight modifications during the adoption and localisation process, identifying the applicable international VAT requirements, besides domestic ones, is a vital element of cross-border transactions.

The following business activities may be particularly relevant for VAT simplification:

  • call-off stocks,
  • chain transactions,
  • tax exemption of intra-Community sales agreements.

Why choose RSM’s strategic VAT planning and advisory services?

  • The thorough practical expertise in diverse VAT planning, optimisation and advisory solutions.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of applicable international VAT regulations.
  • Assessment and careful consideration of unique organisational requirements, and recommendations for compliant and effective international operations.
  • Central coordination of all cross-border VAT processes.
  • Effective collaboration across the RSM Network’s advisory teams.

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