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Hungarian enterprises abroad – tax and VAT advisory for international expansion

In cross-border transactions and international tax legislation, RSM’s tax specialists provide in making the best business decisions for your company.

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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Director, Indirect Tax services


Accurate calculation and management of the organisation’s international transactions and VAT obligation require targeted comprehensive expertise that is outside a company’s generally available resource pool. Thus, taxpayers with multiple VAT number registrations abroad may find the management of distinct VAT processes and foreign environments challenging.

Under effective coordination, RSM’s advisory team executes comprehensive revision of tax processes while maintaining contact with domestic and international stakeholders, including authorities.

VAT advisory services with a focus on international growth

Through close collaboration with our Partners, RSM Hungary offers:

  • Preparation of cross-border transaction assessments and expert opinions, and tax-optimized planning of multinational company structures.
  • Revision of international trade agreements and documentation from a tax legislation perspective.
  • A comprehensive VAT-compliance service for international VAT registration, with the preparation and filing of VAT returns.
  • Analysis and professional opinion of local offices’ taxation related matters, including the corrective revision of tax documentation and workflows, processes.
  • Formal ruling requests to the concerned authorities, coordination of and all-around assistance with the integral documentation and communication processes during tax audits.
  • Advisory services for ad-hoc inquiries, interpretation of tax regulations and VAT simplification rules (requirements and rules about invoicing, chain transactions, imported goods, VAT exemptions, etc.).

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What are some business activities where this service adds the most value?

  • Strategic planning and tax-optimisation of company structures and international transactions,
  • Foreign market entry, cross-border transactions and trade agreements
  • Taxation of regional and multinational sales and procurement transactions
  • Management of VAT registrations and coordination of VAT returns
  • All matters regarding domestic and foreign companies’ taxation and tax audit processes
  • Cross-border invoicing regulations, chain transactions, products import, VAT exemption cases

Why choose RSM Hungary’s comprehensive international tax advisory services?

Coordinated by RSM’s specialists, our foreign market-specific advisory services ensure:

  • Detailed mapping of all VAT processes and tax risk identification for cross-border transactions.
  • Targeted recommendations on the optimisation and simplification of all domestic and international business activities with a VAT scope.
  • Effective delivery of coordinated tax advisory and compliance services for multinational VAT projects affected by distinct legal systems and tax regulations.
  • That our Partners’ unique needs are understood thoroughly, and complex tax matters are translated into simple actionable strategies, including: structured foreign market entry, tax optimisation, and revision.

VAT-OPTIMIZATION, CASH-FLOW PLANNINGAre you involved in cross-border chain supply agreements, and would like to restructure international transactions into strategically planned and VAT-optimized business activities? Don’t hesitate to contact RSM’s team of specialists!ask offer!

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