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Support for the use of corporate income tax reliefs

Development tax benefit, tax allowance for investments and renovations serving energy efficiency purposes, development tax benefit for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Diána Varga

Senior Manager, Tax services

Annamária Grónás

Manager, Tax services


The Corporate Income Tax Act offers many tax benefits to companies that result in significant tax savings, however, the use of these is subject to compliance with a wide range of conditions. Accurate knowledge of the conditions requires a thorough prior review, and the lack of expertise may even lead to unlawful use of a tax benefit. 

With the support of our tax experts, companies can successfully prepare for the use of less frequent, more complicated tax benefits, while fully complying with the law. You can safely build on the expertise of RSM’s tax advisors with decades of experience.

The target audience of our offering concerning corporate income tax benefit claims

Our offering is targeted to companies that:

  • claim significant tax relief in their corporate income tax return,
  • plan to use corporate income tax reliefs,
  • wish to avoid possible tax authority sanctions by fully complying with the legal requirements,
  • intend to have their eligibility for tax benefits reviewed relying on experts with sufficient expertise and experience.

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What our tax relief assistance service is about

For companies before claiming a tax benefit

  • As part of our work, we review the background documentation provided by the company in connection with the use of the tax benefit, 
  • We determine the eligibility for the tax benefit considering the legal provisions in force. 
  • If the company is eligible to use the given tax benefit, we prepare the tax benefit and present value calculations.

As for energy efficiency and development tax benefits, the Corporate Income Tax Act provides for mandatory tax audit until the end of the 3rd year following the use of the tax benefit, it is extremely important to properly prepare the analytics supporting the tax benefit!

For companies already using a tax benefit

For tax benefits already granted, we check the following to ensure compliance with the law: 

  • The tax benefit calculation
  • Analytical records supporting the given use.

If the company has already used a tax benefit, we are ready to provide support in the mandatory tax audit as well.

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Why you should ask RSM in connection with corporate income tax benefits

  • for companies planning to use a tax benefit, this will result in significant resource savings, as they do not need to review the details of conditions,
  • as part of our work, we pay special attention to the verification of the use of tax benefits, in order to avoid any unlawful use,
  • we provide full support in the mandatory tax audit related to tax benefits,
  • during consultations, you can ask further tax-related questions, if necessary,
  • where needed, we can assume the full completion and submission of the corporate income tax (TAO) calculation.

What we ask for our services

After reviewing the preliminary documents and the calculations provided to us (if any),we will draw up an individual price quote for your company based on the time our work is expected to take.

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