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NAV Online Invoice Issues and Data Quality Check

Does your real-time invoice data reporting unquestionably meet the Hungarian Tax Authority’s requirements? Ensure its compliance with us and avoid potential penalties!

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services

Matyas Budai

Manager, Tax services


What does our NAV online invoice check and correction service entail?

  • Analysis: We compare invoice images and XML files according to legal and tax authority regulations.
  • Customized reporting: We generate specific, even multilingual summaries that can be immediately forwarded to developers.
  • Correction: We prepare corrected XML files for developers.
  • Communication: We assist in liaising with developers and the Tax Authority.
  • Expert tax consultation: We help interpret the RTIR system’s messages and correct emerging errors.
  • Automated verification: We ensure quick and efficient comparison through software solutions.
  • Regular checks: We offer monthly audits and tracking.

Meeting the Requirements of the VAT Law and Tax Authority’s Developer Documentation in HungarySince April 2021, almost every invoice issued from a Hungarian tax number must be reported to the tax authority, as NAV rigorously checks the quality of companies' online invoice data provision. Both digital tax and IT expertise are imperative for compliance. Dodge penalties with the help of our adept professionals!Contact our experts!

Who should consider our real-time invoice reporting verification service?

  • Companies seeking compliance: Business entities wishing to ensure their real-time invoice reporting meets regulatory standards.
  • Detail-oriented firms: Business entities keen on ensuring their mandatory invoices are transmitted with the right data content.
  • Those facing challenges: Business entities that have come across issues or received warnings during their real-time invoice reporting.
  • Entities lacking a specialist: Those without an in-house expert responsible for real-time invoice reporting.

Regular NAV Online Invoice Data Provision Check - Swift Assistance in Case of Erroneous Data ProvisionWould you like to consistently monitor the accuracy of your company's data provision? Don't have an employee responsible for data provision? With our experts' assistance, you can regularly ensure all invoices are correctly reported with the appropriate data content. In cases of incorrect data provisions, we provide prompt aid to avoid manual data uploads and rectify the issue within the framework of machine data provision..Contact our experts!

What digital tools do we use?

  • Connectax Invoice Match: for automatic bulk checking of data reporting.
  • Connectax Invoice Reporter: For testing corrected XML files, bulk technical invalidation, and repeating correct data provisions.
  • Tax Authority’s Developer Portal, XML-validator, XSD visualisation, and other digital tools.

Why choose RSM's online invoice check service?

  • Tax and IT expertise: We possess unmatched IT and taxation knowledge.
  • Automated digitax solutions: We provide swift and efficient aid.
  • Tailored tax consultation: We continually update our knowledge and inform you about new developments and risks.
  • Continuous communication support: We also help in communicating with internal IT developers and the tax authority.

Protect your business from potential penalties and ensure accurate data submissions with our expert guidance

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