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Connectax Invoice Match - Invoice audit and advisory service

Compare your invoices to the data stored in the tax authority's system! After the self-review, our advisors can help you in correcting potential differences.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


Invoice reporting self-review instead of an audit by Hungarian Tax Authority

Now you can simulate an invoicing data audit by the tax authority! With our Connectax Invoice Match solution you can check  the invoicing data submitted to the tax authority by even hundreds of invoicing systems. In addition, companies can rely on the control module as an internal control before the preparation of tax returns. 

The system checks:

  • whether the data reporting obligation applies to your invoices; 
  • whether your invoices were reported immediately as required; 
  • whether there is any difference between the records of outgoing invoices and the invoicing data available at HU TA. 

With this solution, you can identify the issues that may pose a tax risk in the case of a tax authority audit. With the help of Invoice Match, you can clearly identify the invoices: 

  • that have to be reported but were not or were not immediately reported; 
  • that were subsequently annulled and the new report of which was not submitted or failed; 
  • that were reported but, due to some error, are included in the company's internal database and the database of the tax authority with different data. 

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Would you like to eliminate the errors and differences identified?

We know that the identification of invoice differences is only half of the success. It is much more important that you understand what happened and are able to take adjustments. For this, you may need the help of our advisors. 

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To whom do we recommend the Invoice Match module?

  • Companies having a high volume of outgoing invoices, 
  • Companies having invoicing data reporting obligation, 
  • Companies preparing monthly, quarterly VAT analytical records and VAT returns, 
  • To support tax compliance functions, 
  • Companies using international (SAP, ORACLE) or self-developed EPR systems. 

How does Connectax Invoice Match work?

The program runs an automated check in which the data stored in the invoicing programs is compared to the data reported to and included in the system of HU TA as outgoing invoice data.

 Advantages of the system:

  • Automated invoice reporting check function; 
  • Detailed, exportable report on differences of data; 
  • User-friendly interface; 
  • Cloud-based service; 
  • One platform for the submission and the checking of data reports. 

The system gives notices of potential differences of the invoicing data of the company concerned and the data of HU TA and is able to simulate a tax authority audit. With the timely correction of data, companies can efficiently reduce the risk of invoice reporting penalty of up to 500 thousand forints per invoice. 

Why should you choose our Connectax platform and digital tax solutions?

Invoicing data represent confidential information the handling of which requires an appropriate technical and security background. Our cloud-based Connectax system ensures the safe sending of the data of outgoing invoices in respect of invoices generated by even multiple invoicing programs. Our digital solutions development team ensures comprehensive testing of the fulfilment of the technical and regulatory preconditions necessary for the invoicing data reporting process and the preparation and implementation of customized solutions. 

The international network of RSM covering nearly 120 countries provides further background and insight on existing foreign experiences from our partners and clients. 

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