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Connectax Invoice Reporter - subsequent online invoice data reporting in Hungary

Speed up the reporting of your missing or incorrect invoices!

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


Are you late with your compulsory online invoice data reporting?

Did your online reporting to the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) fail due to a system outage or an error in automatic reporting? The Connectax Invoice Reporter module is here to replace time-consuming manual submission.

Forget manual reporting. Automate!

Connectax Invoice Reporter is a cloud-based module that can be integrated with your own invoicing software, which allows you to subsequently comply with your online invoice data reporting obligation if you

  • were unable to develop the technical background for invoice reporting in time;
  • had unsuccessful reporting attempts; or
  • require a temporary solution (while your company completes the development of a tool for online invoice data reporting to the NAV or until your online store is registered for the EU's one-stop-shop system).

Fulfil your online reporting obligation to the NAV for your missing invoices using the Connectax digital tax module!

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Avoid paying a fine of up to HUF 500 thousand per invoice

The Connectax module allows you to quickly report your missing invoices, thereby avoiding a fine of up to HUF 500 thousand per invoice for incorrect reporting. The benefits of the system include:

  • integration with any ERP system or invoicing software,
  • cloud-based and does not require the transformation of your existing system,
  • automated,
  • able to handle outages at the NAV's end,
  • complies with the effective statutory regulations at all times.

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Every invoice is subject to the online invoice reporting obligation.

Compliance is important because currently all invoices issued by domestic taxpayers must be immediately and automatically reported via the NAV Online Invoice System with the required content and using the required data structure. 

Since 2018, the reporting obligation has been gradually extended to new types of invoices, and since 1 January 2021, invoices within the EU and export invoices have also been subject to the obligation in addition to domestic invoices (B2B and B2C). Failure to comply with the obligation is punishable by a fine of up to HUF 500 thousand per invoice.

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DisclaimerOur solution for reporting defaulted invoice reports retrospectively cannot be a long-term alternative, or provide a substitute for an automatic real-time invoice reporter system that is legally required. However, it can significantly reduce the administrative burden of manual reporting of invoices, whose reporting obligation has been defaulted due to temporary technical difficulties.

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