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GL accounting

Our customized GL accounting service solutions complete and control our clients’ internal accounting and finance teams: they cover tax compliance, internal reporting, yearend closing and statutory compliance tasks, while the actual service scope is always decided by our clients.

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Miklós Héhn, Partner, Head of accounting

Miklós Héhn

Partner, Deputy CEO


Who should be interested in our service solutions?

Companies seeking to optimize and control their in-house accounting and finance teams’ performance will found our service offer interesting and useful. Our GL accounting service solutions allow our clients to prepare more reliable internal and external reports (tax returns, company group reports, statements, financial statements) and to keep or shorten the deadlines for year-end closing, reporting and financial statement preparation. 

What are the advantages of our scalable GL accounting services?

Our service offer allows us to deliver efficient customized solutions by adjusting our service scope the specific needs of our clients. We overview the internal accounting team’s work, provide efficient GL accounting support and manage a tailor suited set of checkpoints on a system level. Although our involvement is defined by our clients, we always take professional responsibility for the jointly agreed deliverables and deadlines.

Advantages of our GL accounting service solutions include: 

  • shorter closing deadline, faster access to the data of the given period;

  • more reliable and more accurate financial reports and tax calculations;

  • elimination of unnecessary, biased tasks and processes;

  • identification and management of risks and exposures, improved transparency;

  • professional liability for the work performed;

  • sufficient time and expertise for control and analysis;

  • smoother statutory audits.

How can we help?

  1. Our experts have several years of experience in finance, accounting and audit, who are familiar with several industries’ best practices for GL processes and accounting systems.

  2. Our workflows are highly automated, we maintain and operate system level checks at the system critical points.

  3. We review the structure of the internal finance and/or accounting team, the procedures and technologies affecting tax compliance, reporting, year-end closing and the preparation of financial statements and we summarize the advantages and potential of an eventual restructuring.

The scope of our GL accounting services is scalable – our clients may chose any of the following tasks:


YE closing and

financial statement

Tax compliance

Identifying the data and documents necessary for the GL-level review of the subject period

Preparation of the reports and the related backupGL closing of the subject period (year / quarter / month) 

Identification of tax base adjusting items, applicability-check

GL-level reviewChecking and validation of the reports (e.g. trend analysis)Preparation and verification of the balance sheetChecking the backup available (e.g. certificates) for the tax allowances
Accounting of special itemsCommunication with the parent company’s officerAssistance during statutory audit 

Assessment of the consequences and impacts of the tax allowances

GL-level checking of the tax base Preparation and disclosure of the financial statementChecking places of supply, delivery dates, tax bases and tax rates
Reconciliation of the analytic records necessary for the reports with the GL 

Preparation of the IFRS financial statement

Checking backup documents for tax exemptions (e.g. shipping and customs documents)

   Preparation, checking and filing of tax returns
   Representation during tax audits

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