As part of our payroll services, we fulfil all salary, sick-pay, family allowance calculation, salary transfer and tax and contribution settlement tasks of our clients.

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We provide our clients with timely and accurate tailor-made information.

Our service also includes the answering of other, payroll-related questions, the preparation of salary calculations, issuing income certificates, fulfilment of labour-, immigration- tax- and social security administration tasks relating to expatriates and participation and representation of our clients in labour audits. 

We provide our services using the current market-leader payroll software Nexon, which ensures that payroll-related administration is performed fully electronically. With the help of the electronic data storage of any information can be provided to our clients quickly and accurately also customized queries requested by our clients can be prepared easily. 

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Edina Pentz

Head of Payroll Services



Our payroll team covers the latest taxation modifications and legal interpretations published by the tax authority for our clients in a newsletter. Timely information on legislative modifications significantly contributes to financial plans and effective tax optimization.

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