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Under our payroll services, we perform comprehensive payroll, sick pay and social security service calculation, wage posting and tax and contribution calculation tasks for our clients.

Why choose our Payroll service?
We provide clients with personalized, accurate and comprehensive information and data in all areas of payroll.

Our service covers the following payroll-related tasks: 

  • Comprehensive payroll accounting, calculation of wages, contributions and taxes;
  • Preparation of wage calculations and wage-related statements; 
  • Preparation and filing with authorities of payroll-related data reporting and returns; 
  • Preparation and issuing of income statements; 
  • Administration tasks of social security services; 
  • Comprehensive fulfilment of the tasks of places of social security payment. Judgment, accounting and disbursement of cash health insurance services and accident-related sick pay. Issuing of resolutions and rulings in response to incoming requests. Keeping of records and fulfilment of the obligation of reporting data to the competent authorities and management of other certificates; 
  • Labour, immigration tax and social security administration in relation to foreign national individuals; 
  • Management, accounting of cafeteria elements, preparation of cafeteria policies based on special request; 
  • Fulfilment of pension administration tasks; 
  • Participation and representation of clients in labour audits. 

We provide our service with the help of the currently market-leading payroll software Nexon, which ensures the digitalisation of payroll-related administration. The GDPR-compliant electronic receipt, management and comprehensive digital storage of payroll data allow us to provide our clients with timely and accurate information and to prepare customized payroll reports. In addition, we can also supply payroll services and reports using the remote access provided by our clients. 

If requested, we also introduce work-time registration systems, provide the related training and take care of the set-up of the system. 

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Edina Pentz

Head of Payroll Services


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