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Work Schedule around the Public Holidays of 2014

The Decree of the Ministry for National Economy on the work schedule around the public holidays of 2014 was published on 30 August.

The first public holiday of next year, 1 January is a Wednesday so we will only be able to lengthen our time of rest by taking a few days off. Even worse news is that the next public holiday, 15 March is a Saturday.

The first four-day weekend will come on 1 May as Workers’ Day falls on Thursday and the following Friday (2 May) was declared a rest day. Therefore, although we will be able to rest four days between the 1st and 4th of May, to make up for the rest day of 2 May, we will have to work on the next Saturday of 20 May.

The day of the foundation of the Hungarian state, 20 August is a Wednesday so two more days will have to be taken off for a long weekend once again.

The good news is that 23 October will fall on a Thursday in 2014 and the following Friday was declared a rest day to present us with a four-day long weekend. This time, however, we will have to work on the previous Saturday of 18 October instead of the Friday of 24 October.

The following public holiday, 1 November falls on Saturday in 2014 also.

As in the previous years, 24 December (a Wednesday in 2014) is granted to workers as a rest day to be made up for on the Saturday of 13 December. However, this will give us a total of 5 days off between 24 and 28 December.

And let’s not forget about our religious holidays (Easter: 20-21 April; Pentecost: 8-9 June) which lengthen the given weekend with a day each year.

Summarizing the above, the work schedule around the holidays of 2014 is as follows:rsmdtm_Work Schedule around the Public Holidays of 2014

  • 2nd May, 2014. (Friday): holiday
  • 10th May, 2014. (Saturday): workday
  • 18th October, 2014. (Saturday): workday
  • 24th October, 2014. (Friday): holiday 
  • 13rd December, 2014. (Saturday): workday
  • 24th December, 2014. (Wednesday): holiday
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