Non-working days in 2018: a year rich in long weekends but also in short ones

The Decree of the Minister of National Economy on the work schedules around non-working days is in force from 1 January 2018 but has already been made public. The decree shows that we will have plenty of long weekends next year also but, unlike this year, a part of these will be compensated by moved working days.

The work schedule relating to the derogations from the calendar-based work schedule in 2018 is as follows: 

Holidays and rest days with the relating moved working days: 

1st of January,Monday, New Year’s Day, rest day

10th of March,Saturday, working day

15th of March,Thursday, national holiday, rest day

16th of March,Friday, rest day (4-day weekend)

30th of March,Friday, Good Friday, rest day

2nd of April,Monday, Easter Monday, rest day (4-day weekend)

21st of April,Saturday, working day

30th of April,Monday, rest day

1st of May,Tuesday, Labour Day, rest day (4-day weekend)

21st of May,Monday, Whit Monday, rest day (3-day weekend)

20th of August, Monday, Holiday of the Foundation of the State, rest day (3-day weekend)

13th of October,Saturday, working day

22nd of October,Monday, rest day

23rd of October, Tuesday, National Holiday of the Revolution of 1956, rest day (4-day weekend)

1st of November,Thursday, All Saints, rest day

2nd of November,Friday, rest day (4-day weekend)

10th of November,Saturday, working day

1st of December,Saturday, working day

24th of December,Monday, Christmas Eve, rest day

25th and 26th of December, Tuesday and Wednesday, Christmas (5-day weekend)

15th of December,Saturday, working day

31st of December,Monday, rest day

1st of January,Tuesday, New Year’s Day, rest day (4-day weekend)

The 15th of March, Easter, the 1st of May, Whitsun, the 20th of August, the 23rd of October, the 1st of November and New Year’s Eve/Day will all bring three or four day weekends and we will have the longest, five day weekend at Christmas. 

We will have to work off the rest days of the long weekends not falling on holidays on six Saturdays in the period before the given rest day with the exception of the 10th of November. We can therefore not only expect short weeks and long weekends but also six long weeks in the coming year. 

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