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Customs advisory services, customs audit and risk analysis

Customs advisory services, customs audit and risk analysis

Our advisors support Hungarian small, medium and large enterprises in the design and administration of customs matters.

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services


Who do we recommend our services to?

Our customs advisory services constitute a complex solution from administrative obligations to organisational restructuring for start-up enterprises as well as large companies with many years of experience. With the help of our methods tailored to the needs of companies we offer the most comfortable and flexible solutions and help them obtain licences that will provide them reliefs in customs. Our experts assist in the elaboration of an adequate corporate strategy and the identification of customs optimisation opportunities, in reducing the expenses associated with international trade and the payable customs duty, in making your customs duty refund claims successful and in how to fulfil statutory and regulatory requirement cost effectively and lawfully.

Our customs advisory services

Advisory services

  • Assistance in entering the market
  • Review and, if necessary, preparation of, foreign trade contracts, civil law contracts and documents in customs and logistics and related advisory services
  • Review of the activities and legal assessment based on international comparison

Optimisation of proceedings

  • Review of the applied customs administration procedures, identification of simplification options obtaining the required licences
  • Outsourcing or integration into the organisation of customs administration and customs agent tasks

Assistance in entering the market

  • Elaboration of a strategy for entering the market
  • Preparation of prior calculations, analyses and impact studies
  • Obtaining operational licences for customs administration proceedings
  • Elaboration of procedures supporting import

Representation in administrative proceedings

  • Customs follow up inspection
  • Customs value assessment
  • Verification of origin
  • Administrative control
  • Legal remedy proceedings
  • Hungarian and European court proceedings

Export procedure

  • Advisory services and obtaining licences for export activities
  • Review of export customs clearance actions
  • Review of the corporate system applied to the exit of the goods and the confirmation thereof
  • Checking and, if required, establishing, the documents for the export process in order to fulfil and confirm refund claims and exit obligations
  • Release of collaterals, managing guarantee amounts

Import procedure

  • Advisory services and obtaining licences for import activities
  • Review of import customs clearance actions
  • Preparation of a preliminary customs duty calculation
  • Checking and, if required, elaboration of, the documentation of the import process in order to send the arrival report and confirm the receipt of the goods as well as to release the security

Customs audit services

Verification of origin

  • Review of the application of the rules of origin applied by the Company
  • Review and, when necessary, establishment of a method to be applied to the establishment of the manufacturer’s prices of the products and components manufactured by the Company and the origin thereof
  • Establishment and plan of the status of origin of the finished product manufactured by the Company
  • Preparation of a request for Mandatory Information on Origin (KSZF) and its submission to the authority

Goods classification review options

  • Review of the application of the rules of goods classification applied by the Company
  • Review and periodic control of the tariff classification prepared by the Company
  • Advisory services concerning the tariff classification of the products
  • Preparation of a request for Binding Tariff Information (KTF) and its submission to the authority

Review of the customs value

  • Review of the application of the rules of origin applied by the Company
  • Advisory services for the establishment of the customs value prior to enter into market and importation of goods
  • Review of the factors directly and indirectly influencing the customs value (supply contracts, foreign trade contract, licence fees, transfer pricing, etc.)
  • Review of the impacts of transfer price changes in terms of the customs value

Services relating to risk analysis

For those who are engaged in customs administration processes

  • Risk analysis for the customs administration processes performed as part of the corporate system (operation of a customs group within the Company)
  • Review of the customs administration processes and customs agent activities of an external service provider

Assessment of the risks of funding relating to customs administration activities

  • Risk analysis performed on loans used by a business association involved in customs administration procedure
  • Risk assessment of replacement of guarantees issued to secure customs liability

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