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AEO Authorized Economic Operator

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Provisions of the Union Customs Code clearly point in the direction that, in order to ensure the full electronisation of customs procedures, the business entities involved in customs procedures should be entities enjoying complete trust of the customs authority. It is this trust as a result of which the holders of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate receive exceptional benefits relative to their competitors.

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services


Types of AEO certificate

  • AEO C customs simplifications certificate: the holder of this license may take advantage of the simplifications offered by customs regulations.
  • AEO S security and safety certificate: the holder of this license may enjoy reliefs regarding customs controls regarding security.

Major benefits granted by AEO

  • Import VAT self assessment license acquired on a „universal basis” irrespective of the turnover data of the previous year;
  • Exemption on a „universal basis” from the obligation to provide VAT collateral;
  • Business entities pursuing excise activities (qualifies as reliable taxpayers) are only obliged to provide 50% of the prescribed excise collateral;
  • Easier access to customs authority permits for simplified procedures;
  • Amount of the consolidated collateral relating to customs activities may be reduced to even 0%;
  • Delivery without the provision of collateral between temporary warehouses of business entities;
  • Relief in the Electronic Trade and Transport Control (Hun. abr.: EKAER) system - ability to request EKAER numbers for road transports by providing a substantially lower amount of data;
  • Selection of business entities for post-clearance audits - entities are only selected if they represent high risk;
  • Lower level of physical and document-based controls - relative to other non-AEO-certificate-holder business entities;
  • Lower risk classification, with regard to the fact that AEO holders are acknowledged by all member states;
  • Less severe sanction application in the case of potential sanctioning;
  • Entitlement to customs representation;
  • Higher chance of being selected as a business partner.

Licenses are issued according to the following process:

Phase I

  • Planning of project schedule, selection of project co-operators and contact persons
  • Activity audit; identification of deficiencies

Phase II

  • Data for the self-assessment questionnaire is requested from the Company
  • Filling-out of the self-assessment questionnaire, preparation of annexes to the questionnaire

Phase III

  • Request for AEO status and filing of the self-assessment questionnaire and annexes with the authority

Phase IV

  • Customs authority audit

In our experience, the complete project is expected to take 4-5 months depending on the workload of the customs authority and the speed of the supply of data by the Company. RSM Hungary provides assistance throughout the above-mentioned phases in order for the Company to acquire AEO certificate as soon as possible and in order for the project not to unnecessarily distract the attention and energy employees of the Company. Active involvement of the Company relates to the supply of data in Phases I and II in which we apply our established methodology to minimize the Company's burdens to ensure seamless operation.

Why choose RSM?

Our customs team is proud to have successfully concluded many AEO projects. We developed a special technique for gathering data in order to acquire AEO certificate, which makes the supply of data „safer” and more simple for the business entity. Our practical experience gained during the acquisition of numerous licenses serve the fast and efficient acquisition of AEO certificates.

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