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Waste management consultancy – Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

We provide comprehensive support to companies to fully comply with the new waste management obligations under the current legal regulations.

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services


The Hungarian waste management system has radically transformed with the introduction of the EPR fee.

In line with EU waste management directives, Hungarian waste management rules changed significantly from July 2023.  In addition to the environmental product charge, companies had to get familiar with a new term, as the extended producer responsibility affects a wide range of businesses.  All companies concerned need to prepare in good time for the radical changes in the waste management system, as the new system imposed registration, record-keeping, and payment obligations on them.  

The EU waste policy’s clear objective  is that the waste management activities required at the end of a product's life cycle – such as collection, treatment, recycling, and disposal – should be the responsibility of the producers of the product, including the payment obligations.

This is called the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system. The Hungarian implementation follows the EU Directive and, through the introduction of extended producer responsibility, places related financing obligations on the producer of the product. 

This fee is known as EPR fee in Hungary, and its due date in 2023 is the 20th of October. I Want TO CONTACT AN EXPERT

Which companies need to prepare for the new waste management system and the related fee?  

  • Companies engaged in production and trading.
  • All companies involved in export/import activities.
  • Service companies, including, in particular, those providing health care services.  
  • All companies that are currently subject to the product charge.  

The EPR fee will be payable upon first domestic transfer of ownership of circular products, at the rate set out in the decree.

What is included in RSM’s comprehensive waste management consultancy and compliance service?

  • Our experts review whether the extended producer responsibility provisions apply to the company or service provider.
  • If the company is subject to the fee, our experts assist you in the EPR registration and in the establishment of a waste management product fee register. 
  • Our consultancy services include finding ways to optimize your EPR system.
  • As part of our compliance consultancy, we can assist you with EPR filing and related obligations.
  • Review of EPR records maintained by the company.
  • Consultancy on regulatory reporting and compliance with the EPR filing obligation, as well as performing all administrative obligations.
  • Keeping the company’s EPR records and preparing EPR returns based on data reported by the company.
  • In addition to keeping records - if required - filing EPR returns and monitoring of the company's EPR obligations can also be included. 
  • For non-resident companies, fulfilling EPR obligations as an authorized representative.  


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