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Excise advisory services

Excise advisory services

Our excise advisory services include planning and assistance in entering the market, obtaining licences, calculating the excise security amounts, performing administration obligations, compliance service and reclaiming excise tax.

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István Falcsik

Attorney-at-law, Head of Customs, Excise and Waste Management (EPR fee) Advisory Services


The excise experts of RSM Hungary have a number of years of professional experience in building national and global excise manufacturing and trading strategies and in the establishment and administration of record systems and community excise activities. Advisory services relating to specific excise activities:

Advisory services

  • Advisory services relating to specific excise activities, obtaining the required administrative licences
  • Preparation of prior assessment, advice and impact studies relating to the introduction and application of new products and technology
  • Advisory services concerning the manufacturing of products and criteria of domestic and international trade
  • Analysis of the composition of manufactured, purchased or new excise product and request for an expert opinion with the involvement of NAV SZI
  • Preparation of a request for Binding Tariff Information (KTF) and its submission to the customs authority
  • Proposal for a Binding Customs Tariff Classification (KÉV)
  • Review of internal regulations and processes pertaining to the excise activities of the Company and preparation of the documentation and regulations on them as and when required

Assistance in entering the market

  • Review of the nature of the excise activity to be conducted and identification of potential risks and statutory requirements
  • Complex information on the requirements of the required licences and the administrative obligations associated with the activity
  • Excise security calculation, identification of optimisation options
  • Professional assistance in obtaining licences
  • Customs tariff goods classification required for commencing the activity

Excise Compliance services

  • Verification of excise records
  • Advisory services and complete administration relating to  administrative data supplies and preparations of tax declarations
  • Control, supervision and coordination of the system of excise goods movements (EMCS advisory services and administration)

Management of excise risks

  • Analysis of the risks of obligations relating to the excise activities and products of the company
  • Risk analysis of the activities that fall or may potentially fall in the scope of interest of the activities relevant in terms of the Excise Act
  • Analysis and evaluation of the practices, procedures and internal regulations of the Company
  • Review of the adequacy of the customs tariff classifications

Excise tax refund claims

  • Advisory services concerning excise tax, refund claims and the available options and methods
  • Managing the whole refund claim process

Excise audit services

  • Preparation of an analysis with the same method as applied in administrative controls
  • Checking records, documentation and accounting documents
  • Review of tax declarations, tax refund claims and administrative data supplies
  • Review of other factors directly and indirectly influencing the tax liability (transport documents, excise security)

Representation in administrative proceedings

  • Excise tax inspection and oversight inspection
  • Excise security review
  • Administrative control
  • Legal remedy proceedings
  • Hungarian and European court proceedings

Individual training customised for the employees of the Company on the experience in administrative and excise audits.

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