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Connectax Invoice Archiver

Invoice archives for NAV tax inspections – based on Hungarian real-time invoice data reporting.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


The invoice data export obligation, representing a key point of Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) inspections, can also be performed by companies in the XML scheme structure applied in real-time invoice data reporting. Data export is required to be provided in respect of an invoice serial number range or for a given period in the framework of a tax authority inspection. 

If your ERP system is capable to generate invoice XML documents as required for NAV real-time invoice data reporting, then Connectax can provide an integrated solution not only for submitting them, but also for the long-term digital storage of invoices and their subsequent listings as required for tax inspections. 

The RSM private cloud platform provides continuous access, with periodical backups in a secure background for the centralized storage of outgoing invoices received from different invoicing systems, enabling queries thereof. 

In case of appropriate invoice XML documents, our service can also provide the function of “data disclosure for inspection by the tax authority” specified in an NGM decree, as expected from invoicing softwares. So, if your invoicing programme does not include this data aggregation and query function, our service can also ensure compliance with data export obligation. 

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A pre-requisite for the effective operation of our Connectax Invoice Archiver module is that the received invoice reporting documents should comply with the currently effective NAV real-time invoice XML scheme and should be complete in terms of content. Contact our technology advisors to examine whether this solution can be applied at your company.

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