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Connectax Invoice reporter – Cloud based real-time invoice reporting

Connectax Invoice Reporter is an automated solution to fulfil your NAV invoice data reporting obligation safely and easily via internet.

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Lilla Németh

Director, Tax services


With the help of Connectax Invoice Reporter, companies can fulfil the invoice data reporting obligation applicable from July 2018 with a real-time web-based automated solution. The cloud based software ensures real-time invoice data reporting in compliance at all times with the legal regulations in force. 

What does our Connectax Invoice Reporter – cloud based invoice data reporting service contain?

  • Audit of the company's invoicing process and the invoices issued, testing of compliance with regulatory requirements, identification and execution of the adjustments necessary to meet statutory requirements. 
  • Registration with HU TA for online data reporting purposes and testing of data transfer. 
  • Customized design and implementation of the invoice data reporting process with implementation of Connectax Invoice Reporter connected to the company's invoicing program. 
  • Continuous monitoring of the invoice data reporting process, monitoring and implementation of statutory changes. 

How does Connectax Invoice Reporter work?

Connected to the invoicing program or the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system of the invoice sending company, Connectax Invoice Reporter operates as follows:

  • It receives the invoicing data to be sent to the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) from your current EPR/invoicing software of the company in XML format. 
  • It submits the invoice data to HU TA through secure channel.
  • It receives and stores "electronic acceptance messages" from HU TA sent in response to the data packages. 
  • It processes and interprets HU TA response messages and summarizes the status of incoming and outgoing message traffic on the web-based dashboard giving the company feedback on the receipt of the data and on proper operation of the system. 

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Connectax Invoice Reporter requests, processes and sends data automatically, without human intervention, through a secure channel ensuring that data is not manipulated/corrupted/lost throughout the whole communication process.

Key features of the Connectax platform

  • Configurable API interface that provides the support for the integration of your related invoicing software
  • Support for FTP-S, or sFTP file transfer protocol
  • Configurable filters for sorting affected invoices
  • Built-in logging function and monitoring interface to track the communication between various modules of the ERP and HU TA
  • Retrievable archives of reports and related response messages
  • Automated email notifications on the “red” or “yellow” error level feedbacks of HU TA
  • A web-based dashboard of RTIR status, including reporting notification messages (status of outgoing and incoming automated messages).

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SAP IDoc XML converter in Connectax Invoice Reporter 

The Connectax SAP IDoc XML converter is designed especially for SAP users.
This Connectax feature enables your company to fulfill the real-time invoice reporting obligation with minimal IT development and administration effort, as it supports the IDoc-based reporting process. Today IDocs are used in most SAP applications for the transfer of information from the SAP system to other external systems. 
Customizing this extension makes it easier to integrate your SAP systems into the Connectax platform as your developers do not have to deal with the generation of additional XML documents using schemes that are not compatible with your SAP.  Once this converter has been activated in Connectax, the submitted, valid NAV invoice XML documents will be generated within the Connectax Invoice Reporter module.


Hungarian Real Time Invoicing Reporting obligation

If the company uses an invoicing program or programs announced to NAV, its data reporting obligation will arise at the time of issuing the invoice. This means that the data of the invoices issued to domestic taxpayers must be forwarded to NAV immediately and automatically. The sanction imposed in the case of non-fulfilment or late fulfilment of the online invoice data reporting obligation may reach an amount of 500 thousand forints per invoice. 

Companies are responsible for providing the solution necessary for the automated data transfer of invoicing programs. 

Why should you choose our digital tax solutions?

Invoicing data represent confidential information the handling of which requires a proper technological and safety background. Our cloud based Connectax system ensures the safe sending of the data of outgoing invoices even in the case of data generated by multiple invoicing programs. Our team of developers provides a comprehensive service of testing the fulfilment of the technical and regulatory preconditions required for the invoice data reporting process and preparing and implementing a customized solution. 

The international network of RSM covering 120 countries provides further background and an insight on existing foreign experiences for our partners and clients. 

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