RSM ConnecTAX Real Time Invoice Reporting

RSM ConnecTAX – Cloud Based Real Time Invoice Reporting Solution

Hungary plans to introduce real-time invoice reporting obligation from 1 July 2018. Failure to report the invoices in real time mode may attract an administrative penalty of up to HUF 500,000 (EUR 1700) / invoice.

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Dániel Sztankó, RSM Hungary, Head of Indirect Tax Services

Dániel Sztankó

Head of Indirect tax services

Eszter Fekete

Tax consultant

Péter Kóczé, RSM Hungary, Head of Digital Solutions

Péter Kóczé

Head of Digital Solutions


What is RSM ConnecTAX?

RSM ConnecTAX is our cloud based, flexible invoice reporting solution ensuring compliance in conformity with the new reporting obligation. Instead of upgrading or rewriting your existing invoicing software, we provide you with a lightweight add-on module designed for the integration into your existing invoicing platform and workflows.

RSM ConnecTAX:

  • Receiving data from your current EPR/invoicing software in XML format, preferred by the HU TA
  • Submits the invoice data to HU TA through secure channel
  • Manages responses of HU TA including  the traffic light “electronic acceptance messages” 
  • Interprets HU TA messages and summarizes the status of the incoming and outgoing message traffic on the web-based dashboard.

RSM ConnecTAX does all that automatically, without human intervention, through a secure channel, while ensuring that data is not manipulated/corrupted/lost throughout the whole communication process.

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RSM ConnecTAX  – key features

  • Configurable API interface that provides the support for the integration of your related invoicing software
  • Support for FTP-S file transfer protocol
  • Configurable filters for sorting affected invoices
  • Built-in logging function and monitoring interface to track the communication between various modules of the ERP (invoicing software, RSM ConnecTAX) and HU TA
  • Retrievable archives of reports and related response messages
  • Automated email notifications on the “red” or “yellow” error level feedbacks of the TA
  • A web-based dashboard of RTIR status, including reporting notification messages (status of outgoing and incoming automated messages).

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About Hungarian Real Time Invoicing Reporting obligation

Any Hungarian VAT registered entity that issues invoices with a VAT amount above HUF 100,000 (approx. EUR 320) to another entity VAT registered in Hungary will be required to report these invoices without delay to the Hungarian Tax Authority (HU TA). This includes businesses established outside Hungary but registered for VAT in Hungary. If the company uses a billing software(s),or ERP the obligation to send data without delay is set when the invoice is closed. Reporting of the invoice issued for domestic taxpayers with a VAT amount above HUF 100,000 must be done automatically over the Internet, without human intervention at the point of the closure of the invoice from 1st of July 2018. Failure to report the invoices in real time mode may attract an administrative penalty of up to HUF 500,000 (EUR 1,700) / invoice.

Companies need to ensure the proper technical solution for the automated invoice data reporting.

Why choose RSM Cloud Based Real Time Invoicing Reporting solution?

Handling and reporting the content of invoices means confidential information that requires proper technical and security backgrounds. A cloud-based or local solution can also be used to ensure that outbound invoice data is securely forwarded from one or more billing software. The solution of RSM Hungary Digital team combines technology, tax and VAT expertise and experiences.

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