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We approach wealth planning as the key aspect concerning the owners of successful businesses in the long run. The solution of wealth planning questions requires more than knowledge of civil law and tax regulations as owners’ decisions may go beyond economic rationale when it comes to the inheritance of wealth. 

When it comes to a generation change the preparation of a last will is important but not always enough. To keep and continue a business it is necessary to have a company structure that grants the appropriate decision-making rights and the securing of wealth may, in certain cases, also justify other means (in particular, trust management). 

We find that in order to preserve wealth but often also to keep a marriage it is essential to clarify financial matters for the future in which our employees can support our clients. 

Why you should choose our Wealth planning law services?
Thanks to the comprehensive expertise and experience of our lawyers, we provide complex corporate law, inheritance law, private international law and tax law knowledge for the protection of wealth, the passing on of businesses and the administration of generation changes and help clients in the customization of potential solutions also. We are aware of the fact that in this area we have to address matters that give us insight into the most confidential problems of our clients. Our employees provide legal services with utmost discretion in order to achieve an agreement between the parties. Wealth planning, wealth preservation and inheritance go hand in hand for which our employees provide help through the preparation of last wills and the development of trust management structures in the case of more complex company wealth and management objectives.

Our legal services relating to wealth planning  cover the following:

  • development of structures serving wealth protection and trust inheritance
  • development of trust management contracts
  • inheritance advise, preparation of last will
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Bálint Szűcs, partner, lawyer, tax advisor

Bálint Szűcs

Partner, Tax Expert, Attorney-at-law

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Károly Udvardy


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