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In the operation of a company, it is a fundamental requirement for the legal representative to provide fast and efficient advice regarding company foundation, transformation or potential termination (winding-up, bankruptcy, liquidation) or for the making of decisions arising in relation to operation. 

The building of an enterprise, efficient protection of the generated income and its delivery to the owners is also based on a properly developed and implemented company structure. 

In addition, the corporate law also determines complex matters such as the sale, restructuring, de-merger or merger of companies. It is clear that corporate law goes way beyond the tasks relating to the company foundation, transformation, and termination and requires complex coordination of tax, accounting, and even audit tasks. Our partners are supported by our employees have extensive experience in all fields of corporate law.

Why you should choose our Corporate law service?
Corporate law compliance and the development of appropriate company structures is one of the cornerstones of reliable operation for all companies. Our employees have particular experience in the implementation of the structures they develop taking tax, wealth preservation, company sale, and inheritance matters into account. We provide legal services to both foreign and domestic businesses and individuals making the process of company foundation and the solving of operation related issues fast and efficient. In addition, our employees have a broad insight on the fulfillment of transformation related tasks and on supporting the work of the experts involved (accountants, auditors) as well as on the planning and implementation of complete transformation processes.

Our firm can also support company terminations and fulfill the tasks of the administrator.

Our corporate law services cover the following: 

  • Company foundation, amendment of company documents
  • Comprehensive planning (from a legal, tax and accounting perspective) of transformations
  • Administration of combinations (acquisitions, mergers) and separations (de-mergers, spin-offs)
  • Advice on bankruptcy and liquidation processes and representation during these procedures
  • Administration of winding-up procedures, fulfillment of administrator tasks
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