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Audit assurance

The audit service complies with both the Hungarian and the international audit standards.

Why choose our Audit assurance services?
We find it important to establish an efficient cooperation relationship with our clients during our audit work and to discuss material questions in time at the relevant forums.

We strongly believe that we provide valuable help to our clients during their day-to-day operations through our high-quality audit services which rely on our audit methodology that combines the quality assurance and audit standards of the international RSM network with the requirements of Hungarian regulations.

The audit services we offer to our clients include:

  • audit of financial statements and financial reports prepared in accordance with the Hungarian accounting regulations,
  • audit of the consolidated financial statements of international, regional and Hungarian groups of companies
  • audit of transformation balance sheets and inventories of assets and liabilities,
  • evaluation and audit of in-kind contributions,
  • audit of IFRS financial statements and group reporting packages.

We offer a wide range of audit services to its clients.

The purpose of the audit service is the issuing of an independent and credible opinion as a result of the audit performed, which provides a proper basis for the users of the financial information. In our work we pay special attention to the planning of the audit to ensure a thorough and efficient review. We find it important to draw our clients’ attention in time to material risks identified on the basis of carefully designed tests.

 Compliance with the relevant professional, ethical and independence requirements and the consistent application of these regulations during our engagements are priorities for our company.

During our audit work we acquired a knowledge that enables us to provide quality advice to our clients regarding corporate finances and the due diligence of companies. In addition, through our business management services we can also assist our clients in other areas.

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Ádám Mosonyi

Partner, HCA

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