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Cloud Based Document Management Solutions

Professional, efficient and secure accounting services, in our back office document management system (DMS) which provides register, document management and invoice approval for our clients.

Our DMS system managing all documents in an electronic format, required for your company’s accounting operations. In addition to registering incoming mail, the system is also capable of performing the necessary review, invoice acceptance, management and approval processes and of managing contracts and other documents. The cloud-based system is available at any time and from any location. Relevant (company) documentation could be sent or uploaded to RSM and  the data queries can be performed, organized and data search options are available to the authorized persons.

Why choose our Cloud Based Document Management service?
In line with our decades of experience and the possible future needs our DMS system is the solution for the accounting documentation flow through our cloud-based system. We can replace hard copy document forwarding and processing as this will no longer be necessary between our office and our partners. This also improves the efficiency of the use of human resources as capacities can be re-allocated to other administrative tasks and we can shift the emphasis from data recording to data analysis. We are able to manage the client’s documentation for performing the accounting services in a closed and secure system with access granted according to the relevant authorization levels.

Searches in company analytical records and databases become safer and more efficient as queries can be run simply on various interfaces or tools. Our cloud-based DMS system comes with customized 7/24 access through PC-s, notebooks or even a smartphone mobile application.

Main advantages of the DMS system:

  • all corporate documents are kept at one location and may be accessed at any time
  • simultaneous data storage and data sharing between multiple persons
  • management of authorization levels based on user roles
  • easy and prompt access to data
  • not only document management but comprehensive e-management of all corporate processes
  • access to data, queries through various platforms
  • quick and efficient cooperation between RSM and partner firm colleagues
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Miklós Héhn, Partner, Head of accounting

Miklós Héhn

Partner, Deputy CEO

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