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RSM Cloud outsourcing

RSM Cloud outsourcing

RSM Cloud is an accounting and financial administrative service for SMEs and large corporations in cloud storage space operated by RSM.

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Miklós Héhn, Partner, Head of accounting

Miklós Héhn

Partner, Deputy CEO


Our Company provides accounting and financial administrative service based on Client needs with flexibility of function performed by RSM as an outsourced service provider or partially maintained in-house. Besides the bookkeeping system, the integrated business system solution is supplemented with a back-office software developed by RSM. We organize the financial and accounting work processes, we perform and submit tax returns, and we compile the accounting reports. Taking the needs of the client into consideration, we formulate the work allocations of accounting and financial administration processes with our company. Our specialists provide you with efficient, innovative and reliable solutions that are tailored to cover all your needs in the field of accounting, financial administrative service and back office.

Why do we recommend our cloud-based accounting and financial administrative service?

Using the RSM Cloud service, Clients can monitor the trends, liquidity and receivables of the financial situation of their Company in real time. Accounting, financial and administrative processes audited with the assistance of our company increase the speed of information flow, in the process supporting and making managerial decisions more efficient (based on precise financial reports). As a consequence of cooperation established with clients and by meeting deadlines, the necessary data is made available at the right time.

Value Your Time. Spend less time on accounting processes and more time on growing your business. Focus on earning more revenue, safe in the knowledge that your financial processes are as efficient and effective as possible. 

RSM Cloud is an integrated, flexible and affordable system available to all enterprises (irrespective of size). By providing the necessary software and hardware background and through cloud technology, our clients can access their financial and business data anywhere and at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The RSM Cloud service is a solution based on secure cloud storage achieved with a terminal server and VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What does our Cloud service include?

Our RSM Cloud service package contains two types of integrated business solutions depending on the complexity of the needs of the client. We use

  • the Revolution Iroda++ administration system for small size enterprises,
  • the deep.erp system for medium sized and larger corporations,
  • the Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system for larger corporations.

The software licenses and all related – RSM developed – solutions are made available to contracted clients in a leasing construction format.

Cloud-based ERP solutions can represent an economical choice since they can be implemented without a large initial outlay on investment costs, over a flexible time period and for a variable number of users. If necessary, other applications and systems can be linked to the ERP system (with interface, data exchange solutions) depending on client requirements and to the appropriate level. Furthermore, we automate data exchange in the interest of cost efficiency. 

In addition, the RSM Cloud service includes document management software specially designed to increase efficiency and ensure professional interaction. This document management system is suitable for filing incoming mail, as well as handling invoice checking and approval processes, contracts and other documents. Through our cloud storage-based solution we manage material necessary for bookkeeping in electronic form – irrespective of whether this is just a few dozen or several thousand documents – thereby avoiding any paper-based transfers.

Documentation to be forwarded to RSM can be uploaded into the system at any time, from anywhere, thereby guaranteeing that all documents concerning the given enterprise are stored in a single location, and are accessible to the client and RSM 24/7, meaning that distance is no restriction on our partnership. We are able to customize document access and approval according to client wishes through the establishment of uniform security and authorization levels.

RSM Cloud is capable of mapping HR processes and the full e-management of the financial administration of the enterprise with the appropriate formation of user authorizations.

Advantages of the RSM Cloud service:

  • Outstanding service level involving highly qualified specialists
  • Rapid installation, affordable start-up cost (as opposed to high hardware and software introductory and investment expenditures)
  •  Reduced IT costs, constant security data backup
  •  Support for managerial information, managerial decisions
  •  Monthly, quarterly and annual processes, reports
  • In-house monitoring aspects taken into consideration
  • Paperless data and document forwarding
  •  Integrated work processes and faster information flow
  • Creation of user authorizations, harmonization with processes
  • Scalability and flexibility, from a single user to multiple user solutions

Why should you come to us?

Finance and accounting outsourcing is a growing trend among middle market and high-growth companies, providing a cost-effective way for organizations to improve the finance and accounting function. These days, there is increasing demand for outsourcing processes and tasks occurring in the interest of enhanced cost-efficiency of the standard of financial and accounting services. The most important benefits of outsourcing are cost efficiency, the participation of highly qualified experts in the service as well as reliable IT support, which constantly monitors new technological solutions.

The experiences of the RSM team in Hungary and the international network, their experts, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure are all at the disposal of our clients. With our help, and in addition to all the general advantages, clients are saved the trouble of recruiting properly trained staff, the expense associated with employment and the budget that has to be earmarked for continuous training. Cost reduction is the key advantage offered by our company’s experts possessing up-to-date skills, and a competitive business environment. This cost reduction results from a significant decrease in personnel and IT-related expenditures. Thanks to the skills of our professional team, the client can rest assured that potential problems are screened and drawn to the attention of the client prior to their actual onset.

RSM Cloud also represents a solution even when the purpose is not total outsourcing. Cloud-based services provide companies with a high degree of flexibility, making it possible to retain certain part processes within the company while others are outsourced to the appropriate service provider. Costs can similarly be reduced with the auditing of processes and partial outsourcing.

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