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Accounting and business advisory

An up-to-date knowledge of accounting regulations and the proper utilization of this knowledge for tax purpose has become essential in everyday business life. It is critical both in Hungarian and international accounting that accounting procedures comply with current laws and regulations.

Why coose our Accounting and business advisory services?
Our accounting experts provide assistance in the preparation of the relevant accounting policies, the revision of existing policies, the continuous and compliant maintenance of accounting records and bookkeeping and the proper treatment of potential new business events.

The efficiency of businesses can be improved and existing operating risks can be moderated significantly through the assessment and development of financial and business processes. We provide effective support for the preparation and substantiation of decisions concerning specific transactions or processes.

We assist clients in the assessment and systemization of accounting processes and information based on the results of which we are ready to define, in the form of specific recommendations, the developments, which would contribute the implementation of efficient closing processes.

We offer double-entry bookkeeping services to our clients in the majority of cases using the Hungarian-developed Microsoft Office++ Revolution software. However, upon request, we also apply other accounting software and integrated company management systems such as Navison, Oracle, SAP, and Winner. Our colleagues are highly skilled in the use of other accounting software as well.

Accounting and business advisory service

RSM Hungary provides the following services as part of its accounting and business advisory service:

  • bookkeeping and comprehensive fulfilment of our clients’ bookkeeping tasks
  • accounting system development and revision of existing systems
  • preparation and electronic filing of the monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns and other returns to be submitted as part of the statutory filing obligations
  • monthly financial closing
  • annual closing
  • preparation and filing of annual reports
  • accounting of accounts payable, bank transactions, petty cash and tangible assets
  • issuing and accounting of outgoing invoices
  • preparation for the annual audit
  • audit assistance
  • preparation of monthly management report packages in accordance with the Company’s needs
  • supply of special financial data to the shareholders, special data supply for bank loan applications
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Miklós Héhn, Partner, Head of accounting

Miklós Héhn

Partner, Deputy CEO

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