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Company group restructuring

It is a general rule that under the current business circumstances all companies (or company groups) must strive for effective, economical and profitable operation. To ensure effective operation, among the companies held by the same group of owners the optimal group structure needs to be created – both in respect of the new companies acquired in sales transactions and the companies already belonging to the group. Rectructures and acquisitions are strategic decisions needing serious analysis, preparation and expertise.  

Why choose our Company group restructuring service?
Our professionals have more than 10 years of experience in the areas of the formation of international and domestic corporate structures, tax planning, company audits and tax breaks connected with corporate sales and acquisitions, as well as tax consulting related to assets planning of private persons.

Corporate group restructuring demands strategic decisions, which in turn require in-depth analyses, preparation and specialist skills. The objective is for the corporate group – once restructuring is completed – to achieve the highest market value with the most favourable taxation conditions. Restructuring of the group will have a wide-ranging, significant impact on operations, which is why consultations with professionals are of primary importance in the course of planning and preparing the groundwork for a decision.

Our colleagues serve our clients with their thorough knowledge of accounting, finance and tax aspects. In addition, with the help of our partner law firm we also ensure legal expertise, consulting and representation. If necessary, our group’s audit firm with financial qualification is also available to our clients.

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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

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