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Our sectors

Headhunting, search – selection

We search the most suitable experts for manager positions for our clients.

  • Search and selection of top and middle managers and experts
  • Filling of expert positions

Why RSM Hungary?
Our aim is for our clients and the candidates to be satisfied with their choice. In order for that, we thoroughly map our clients' unique circumstances and expectations relevant for the given position as well as their expectations regarding the field of work and the corporate culture.

The process

Assessment of needs: We carefully assess the needs of our clients considering the market environment and provide immediate feedback and consulting opportunity on the condition of the market.

Search: Our advisor specializing in the given position identifies suitable experts meeting the needs of the client.

Pre-screening, interviews: The pre-screening of candidates is performed by phone but their skills and competencies are always assessed in a personal, structured interview. At the interview we examine all aspects relevant for the position to be filled, the motivation of the candidate, his or her intention to change jobs, plans for the future, language skills and last but not least his or her personality.

Presenting of candidates: We use a so-called interview report for presenting the 3-4 candidates whom we found to be best suited for the given position according to the client’s requirements. The interview report supplements the information summarized in the CV-s of candidates and reflects their suitability for the position.

Guarantee: Our company assumes a guarantee for the mediated employees should any of the parties terminate the employment contract within the pre-defined period. Based on our client’s request we continue the search for an agreed period of time without charging any additional fee.

Our goal is to establish long-standing, successful co-operations and for this purpose we provide high quality services to our business partners.

We perform an in-depth evaluation of the professional competence of the candidates during the personal conversation at the interviews and by way of tests. This way, our clients often only have to hear the 3-4 best applicants.

If we are engaged to fill a non-economy position, we can leverage on our knowledge gathered on the industries of our clients through our accounting services.

Our strength is best demonstrated in searches in the following areas:

  • top managers for every sector,
  • managers and experts in finance, accounting and controlling,
  • sales and marketing managers and experts,
  • managers and experts in logistics,
  • IT and telecommunication manager, project managers and experts,
  • EHS managers and experts,
  • Business Intelligence managers and experts.

Through the close cooperation with legal experts both our clients and the selected new employees can receive independent legal support in the negotiation of the details of the employment contract and in the finalization of the terms and conditions.

Our goal is that our clients as well as the candidates be satisfied with the choice made. For this purpose, we thoroughly examine the specific circumstances and expectations of our clients in the given area and their expectations and the corporate culture relating to the position in question.

Activity license number: 30629-2/2010-5100-763

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Magdolna Schepp, RSM Hungary Head of HR

Magdolna Schepp

HR Director


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