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Representation in tax litigation

The constant amendment of the legal regulations applicable to tax disputes makes the correct application of law difficult and increases the tax risks that taxpayers are exposed to. HU TA carries out a lower number of audits but these are now much more precisely targeted which can inevitably lead to a tax-related dispute, frequently not concluded in the administrative phase. For the efficient enforcement of the rights of companies in tax litigation, it is essential that the tax profession, procedural and litigation tactic considerations are all properly represented. 

Why you should choose our Representation in tax litigation service?
Our tax litigation team consists of lawyers who gained extensive experience in the application of law at the tax authority and continuously monitor changes in the court case law of both Hungary and the Court of Justice of the European Union and cooperate closely with our tax consultant colleagues in the solving of more complex substantive law issues to ensure expert representation in litigation.

We provide professional legal consulting and tax law representation to our clients from the point of receiving the engagement letter up to the non-appealable conclusion of the court procedure to make sure that the tax dispute is closed with a reassuring outcome for the client.

During our tax litigation activity

  • We identify the inherent risks of the tax affairs of our clients
  • We set up an adequate system of arguments and along these, an action plan against the tax authority findings applying relevant Hungarian and EU law
  • We prepare and file legal remedy submissions of our clients (statement of claim, revision request, appeal against decisions)
  • We provide a comprehensive legal representation of our clients in front of courts and other authorities
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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

István Falcsik Lawyer, Head of Customs, Excise and Product Tax Advisory Services

István Falcsik


Ottó Bulátkó

Manager, Tax services

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