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Representation in tax audits

It follows from the system of self-assessment of taxes that the tax authority checks subsequently in tax audits whether the selected taxpayers fulfilled their tax obligations in accordance with the provisions of law. Today it is already apparent for all company managers, company owners and individuals that state and municipality tax authorities prepare increasingly efficiently for the start of tax audits. The tightening of procedural regulations regarding evidence and legal remedy call for even closer cooperation between taxpayers and tax consultants in defining the audit strategy.

Why should you choose our Representation in tax audits service?
As part of our tax audit related representation service, we provide expert assistance for compliance inspections and tax audits, whether carried out by HU TA or a municipality.

Our tax experts and tax consultants have extensive professional experience in tax administration procedures and most of them have worked as inspectors or authority administrators. They are familiar with both the Hungarian and international tax regulation environment and the relevant court case law. In the past years, our employees regularly represented our clients in tax audits and subsequent court procedures successfully. Our colleagues are familiar with the details of the audit process and the relevant rules as well as the cornerstones to focus on during the communication with the tax authority.

In our activity, it is always our goal to provide substantive support to our clients contributing to the efficient and successful enforcement of the client’s position and tax interests. 

If requested in a tax representation, we carry through authority audits independently for our clients always providing prompt and proper information on current issues of the procedure. 

We always cooperate closely with our clients during tax authority audit processes. We take the view that it is the combined knowledge and cooperation of the client and the expert team that ensures that the audit is concluded with the most favorable possible outcome for the client.

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Gábor Fajcsák

Partner, Head of Tax services

Ottó Bulátkó

Manager, Tax services

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