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Due diligence prior to the tax audit

As part of the due diligence before tax audit, we identify and quantify tax risks and support clients manage them with respect to:

  • the tax period,
  • tax type,
  • economic transaction, and
  • tax liabilities.

Due diligence prior to the tax audit provides a good opportunity to prepare for the tax authority audit and to correct any tax errors before the commencement of the tax audit. 

Independently of the tax authority audit, tax due diligence also provides taxpayers with an opportunity to identify more favourable tax solutions for their business processes and savings opportunities. 

Our tax advisors also examine the tax compliance of taxpayers' contracts and, if necessary, make recommendations for restructuring contracts and provisions. 

The due diligence activities performed by RSM before the tax audit include the following:

  • Tax risk analysis: to identify and quantify tax risks related to a given tax period, tax type, economic event or tax liability.
  • Tax-focused due diligence: to identify taxpayers' business processes, more favourable tax solutions and savings opportunities.

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