Legal services

Legal services

The lawyers of RSM Legal Szűcs & Partners have extensive professional experience in the planning, structuring and operation of the legal function of companies and in the efficient solving of legal problems arising during business operation. Our legal activity therefore covers the entire operation of our clients from the first step of company foundation to the termination of activity. 

We give advice in the areas of general corporate law, civil law, labour law, contracts, financial law, real estate law, competition law and represent clients in contractual negotiations, in front of authorities as well as civil law litigation, tax and economic criminal law proceedings.

We are proud that we efficiently support not only companies but also private person clients in the management of their family businesses, generation changes, inheritance and marital property law. 

Our industry specific knowledge, with which wish to differentiate us from our competitors, is a result of the specialization that we expect from our employees and the activities we perform in specific areas. 

Through specialization we have an understanding of problems in specific areas and are able to provide support with our knowledge of the interpretation of law in practice or by assisting legislation even in the most complex issues. The key areas of specialization of our lawyers are M&A (mergers and acquisitions),mining and the hydrocarbon industry, employee benefit schemes, tax litigations, bank and leasing transactions and real estate investments. 

Beside Hungarian, our employees provide legal coordination and execute transactions requiring complex knowledge in English and German as well. 

Areas of law in which we can provide our clients enhanced support:

Corporate law

In the operation of a business, it is a basic requirement from the legal representative to provide fast and efficient advice on company foundation, transformation and potentially on termination (voluntary dissolution, bankruptcy or liquidation) as well as in relation to operational decision making. However, corporate law also governs complex transactions such as company sales, restructuring, separations, mergers, which however extend beyond the boundaries of this area of law and require complex coordination of tax, accounting and audit tasks. Our employees offer our clients extensive experience in all regards in corporate law. 

M&A and competition law

A legal transaction of a company sale or company acquisition, in almost all cases, also represents a measuring of value for the participants: for the buyer it typically means growth, while on the seller’s side it can signal the success of a life’s work. The basis of such complex transactions is thorough due diligence and the key to their success is a contractual and collateral system that addresses all details. In this area, we offer clients the wide spectrum of the expertise, the intensive work, capacity and coordination of our lawyers from the due diligence through contract negotiations up to the closing of the transaction and also during the integration following closing. Relying on our lawyers specializing in competition law, we also provide competition law analyses of transactions and, if necessary, we solve Hungarian as well as international competition law issues.

Labour law and benefits

Our employees manage local and cross-border legal issues relating to employees of our clients in a broad scale of business sectors. These not only include general tasks relating to the establishment and termination of employment but also collective labour law, downsizing as well as the handling of issues relating to Hungarian employment and Hungarian residence, employer legal succession and foreign assignments. We have substantial experience in the development of employee and management share and benefit schemes and in the Hungarian introduction of international employee share benefit programs. 

Data protection

Taking into account the exceptionally broad range of personal data and the fact that natural persons, legal persons and any other organisations may qualify as data managers, we can declare that potentially all enterprises may face obligations in the field of compliance with data protection requirements. Data protection covers almost all elements of company operation: it may concern the company’s marketing activity, the operation of its website but employment matters and job monitoring may also raise data protection questions. Our employees provide client with comprehensive data protection consulting in relation to the due diligence and development of data management systems. 

Mining, energy

Our experience in the field of mining, hydrocarbon exploration and extraction cover concession proceedings, activity licensing, commercial contracts, joint ventures as well as the development of the tax and financial structures of joint ventures. In addition, we are able to offer solutions not only in relation to transactions but also in the development of the contractual and liability systems necessary for operation and in the supporting of daily operation in the field of mining. 

Financial law

We provide our clients comprehensive transaction advisory services in relation to trade financing, corporate financing, project financing and the financing of vehicles, industrial machinery and equipment and real estate. On the financial, investment service provider’s side we administer the foundation of financial enterprises, investment funds and fund management companies, the obtaining of licenses for financial service activities and also cooperate in the development of financial service products and new solutions. 

Real estate law

Our employees have extensive experience and expertise in real estate development and acquisition projects as well as land sale and purchase transactions. As part of the representation of our clients, we plan the legal tasks arising in relation to individual elements of the transactions, participate in business discussions and prepare the relating contracts. Accordingly, our legal work extends from the project planning phase through execution up to the closing of the investment. 

Wealth and estate planning

We approach wealth planning as the most important question concerning the owners of successful businesses in the long run. The solution of wealth planning issues requires more than a knowledge of civil law or tax rules as the decisions of owners may go beyond economic rationale. Through the comprehensive knowledge and experience of our lawyers, we provide the complex knowledge of corporate law, inheritance law, international private law and tax law necessary for the protection of wealth and for the passing on of a business and also help in the customization of possible solutions. 

Intellectual creations

Intangible assets are the most valuable assets of our times. With proper planning, the use of such valuables may represent the basis of the success of a business and the protection of its activities, name and identity. In the field of intellectual creations, we have experience in franchise contracts, domestic and international trademark registrations, the differentiated use of rights to motion pictures and musical works of art, co-productions and disputes relating to copyright violations. 

Economic criminal law

For the operation of business organizations to comply with legal regulations it is essential to know the obligations they have to fulfil in daily operation and the sanctions they can expect if they fail to comply, including criminal law risks. Our employees specializing specifically in economic criminal law support clients with advice and criminal law risk assessment regarding the criminal law liability of executives and the prevention of crime. On the aggrieved party’s side, we offer the civil law enforcement of the damages caused by criminal acts as well as representation of and consulting for the party aggrieved by economic crimes or crimes against property. 

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