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Criminal law risk analysis

In order for economic organizations to operate in compliance with legal regulations it is essential to be aware of the obligations they have to fulfil during their daily operation and the sanctions they may expect if they fail to comply with these.

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István Falcsik Lawyer, Head of Customs, Excise and Product Tax Advisory Services

István Falcsik



An assessment of the risks relating to the operation and management of the Company is of fundamental interest for all businesses as it clarifies the criminal law risks relating to their activities. 

Main risk areas

Within the business process:

  • Review of financial transactions
  • Review of contractual relationships

In the case of a corporate law transformation of the Company

  • Foundation, transformation
  • Acquisition (DD)

Players concerned by special obligations deriving from the Company’s activity:

  • Logistics service providers, carriers
  • Manufacturers of special products
  • Manufacturers and handlers of high tax content products
  • Financial institutions, insurers

Tax, finance and accounting obligations

  • Tax optimization, avoidance of tax evasion and tax fraud
  • Development and review of tax structure

Risk can be reduced substantially by:

  • implementing and using a control and supervision system which fundamentally ensures compliant operation; 
  • a transparent and consistent definition and regulation of the control obligations of executives or persons having supervision and control obligations; 
  • making the fulfilment of supervision and control obligations controllable. 

How can we help you as legal counselor?

  • Analysis of the fulfilment of obligations; 
  • Identification of risky areas; 
  • Identification and management of potentially arising risks. 

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