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Representation in economic crimes

Representation of and consulting for the party aggrieved in economic crimes or crimes against property

Pursuant to domestic legal regulations, business entities and natural persons have similar right and obligations when committing a criminal act.

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István Falcsik Lawyer, Head of Customs, Excise and Product Tax Advisory Services

István Falcsik



Having regard to the weight of the infringement of interests caused by the criminal acts, the complexity of the acts, emphasis must also be given in the case of economic players to understanding and the exercising of the rights of the aggrieved party. 

In order for them to be compensated in all respects for the damages suffered as a result of the committed crime, it is essential for businesses to take advantage of the rights and opportunities provided by law. 

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  • criminal law classification of the detected behaviour; 
  • preparation of the report to the police, preparation of the documents necessary for the initiation of the criminal procedure and submission of these to the authority; 
  • representation of the aggrieved party during the criminal procedure in front of the competent authorities; 
  • initiation of investigative acts. 

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