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Lilla Németh

NAV Online Invoice Data Supply - Changes in Schema 3.0

The tax authority published some unexpected information: the NAV Online Invoice schema, which will be introduced on 1 January 2021, changed at a number of points on 1 December. The data supply system is still being updated, the developer documentation and the xml examples have also been updated.


János Karczub

Transfer pricing 2024 – Record number of direct transfer pricing audits

In 2022, significant changes were made to transfer pricing and the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, with a multiplication of the fine and the introduction of a transfer pricing data reporting obligation. Please note that non-compliance with changes entered into force for the 2023 tax year could result in the imposition of multiple default penalties. Based on the experience of the past year, businesses are increasingly likely to face direct transfer pricing audits on transactions with their related parties.

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IFRS 18 – New chapter in financial reporting

IFRS 18, which was published in April 2024, represents a significant change in the way entities adopting IFRS will present their financial performance. Companies covered by IFRS will be required to prepare their financial statements using a new structure to make their financial performance more comparable.

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Zoltán Balogh

NIS2 and risk management

The issue of cybersecurity is of paramount importance among the new challenges of the digital age. The European Union\'s NIS2 Directive establishes a regulatory framework to protect the EU\'s digital infrastructure by enhancing information security. NIS2 is not just another bureaucratic hurdle, but an opportunity for companies to review and strengthen their IT risk management strategies. How can good risk management help you prepare for NIS2?

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Zoltán Balogh

NIS2 Directive – registration deadline and severe sanctions

Hungarian companies affected by the NIS2 Directive are required to file their NIS2 registration application to the Supervisory Authority of Regulated Activities (SZTFH). Even though thousands of companies in Hungary are affected by the NIS2 Directive, many are not even aware that the new cybersecurity regulation applies to them. If an organization under the NIS2 Directive fails to meet the requirements and deadlines of the NIS2 Directive in Hungary, it may face significant financial consequences: a penalty of up to HUF 50–350 million.

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