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Lilla Németh

NAV Online Invoice Data Supply - Changes in Schema 3.0

The tax authority published some unexpected information: the NAV Online Invoice schema, which will be introduced on 1 January 2021, changed at a number of points on 1 December. The data supply system is still being updated, the developer documentation and the xml examples have also been updated.


Mátyás Budai

Important changes planned by the Hungarian Tax Authority

Ever since the launch of the Online Invoice System, the Hungarian Tax Authority has been implementing both minor and major changes to the platform from time to time. Most recently, a change affecting a large number of businesses was announced by the Tax Authority in January, which was originally planned to go live on 15 May. However, according to the most recent news from the Hungarian Tax Authority, the go-live of the change has been postponed until 18 September. This means that companies that have failed to prepare for the changes involving corrective and cancellation invoices have nearly four more months to get ready

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Five cases where VAT is payable abroad

A number of Hungarian businesses are involved in international trade, including intra-Community supplies of goods, import of goods from third parties or supplies of services abroad. For cross-border transactions, a key aspect that should be examined is whether there is a requirement to register for VAT abroad and whether any VAT liability arises abroad. In this blog entry we present five cases where companies are required to pay VAT abroad in connection with cross-border transactions.

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Károly Udvardy attorney-at-law | RSM Legal
Károly Udvardy

When is a holding structure the right choice?

The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are destined to face an increasing number of challenges as they grow in size. A carefully developed holding structure offers asset protection and tax optimisation benefits and is suitable for simplifying corporate governance processes. What is a holding company, and what are the benefits of a holding structure? Who should establish a holding company, and when? The key facts of holding structures are summarised in this post.

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