fringe benefits

From 2019, the option of providing fringe benefits in an amount of HUF 100,000 under favourable taxation was eliminated. 

The amount transferred to SZÉP cards still qualifies as a fringe benefit in 2019 if, in the case of an employment relationship lasting throughout the year, the transferred amount does not exceed the value limits below: 

  • a maximum of HUF 225,000 in for the accommodation service sub-account, 
  • a maximum of HUF 150,000 for the catering service sub-account, 
  • a maximum of HUF 75,000 for the leisure service sub-account. 

A tax burden of 34.5 percent applies to fringe benefits. 

In general cases, the benefit is taxed under this tax rate as a fringe benefit up to a so-called recreational limit amount of a total of HUF 450,000 (if the employer is a central budget organization, the limit amount is HUF 200,000). 

If, in the case of a SZÉP card, the benefit in itself exceeds the recreational limit amount, the amount in excess of the limit amount is taxed as a certain, specified benefit to which a tax rate of 40.71 percent applies in 2019. 

Further fringe benefits:

  • the part of income not exceeding the amount of the minimum wage per person provided during the tax year by a trade unit to its member, retired member, close relatives of the persons mentioned, close relatives of deceased members (retired members) in the form of holiday services in a resort; 
  • the part of (the otherwise taxable) income not exceeding 50 percent of the monthly amount of minimum wage per person provided during the tax year in non-cash form from the community fund of an association to a private person member of the association in accordance with the provisions of the statutes of the association. 

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