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EKAER obligation

Announcement in the EKÁER system is required in the case of 

  • intra-Community supplies of goods or other purpose exportations of goods, 
  • intra-Community acquisitions of goods or other purpose importations of goods, 
  • first domestic supplies of goods subject to value added tax not directly to end users,

involving road transportation subject to road toll or transportation by a motor vehicle with a total weight of over 3.5 tons if the quantity of goods transported in one delivery from one dispatcher to one recipient exceeds the statutory weight or value limit: 2,500 kg or HUF 5,000,000 for non-risky products and 500 kg or HUF 1,000,000 for risky products. In the case of risky products, EKÁER announcement obligation arises in respect of any road transport exceeding the above weight or value limits by any vehicle in the above mentioned relations. 

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